Zendaya’s Stylist Law Roach Recaps the 2016 Met Gala

Actress Zendaya got our pick for best dressed star of last night’s Met Gala — and we’re not just saying that because her stylist, Law Roach (pictured above), is Galore’s new fashion editor at large after styling our Zendaya and Ruby Rose covers.

We caught up with Law after the festivities to find out his best dressed of the night, and the root of that Zendaya look.

Congratulations, Zendaya looked amazing — best look of the night!

Aw, thank you.

What was the inspiration behind it?

There was some Diana Ross in “Mahogany” references in there. We wanted her to look almost unreal with the hair and the makeup. Kind of Android-like, for lack of a better term. 

And PLEASE don’t forget she’s only 19….. #Zendaya #metball2016 #styledbyme

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A lot of people interpreted the theme that way, but Zendaya really stood out.

‘Cause she’s a beautiful bitch! Just kidding, it’s cause she has an amazing stylist. Just kidding. Um, I don’t know, why does she stand out? I don’t know. I’ve been drinking a lot of champagne. 

Where are  you right now?

I just came to my hotel room — I was down at the bar — to take this call. So I’m just chilling right now. 

What was the funniest thing that happened to you tonight?

You doing this interview after I had a bottle and a half of champagne. 

How long have you been with Zendaya?

I’ve been with Zendaya for five years. I’m the only stylist she’s ever had. We were introduced by a family friend.

Wow, that was lucky!

For her!

Does it make it easier or harder when there’s a theme?

I think it’s fun that you have a reference point. I was surprised by a lot of stuff. I thought Zayn was really cool. He went for it and it looks great. 

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I loved Claire Danes in Zac Posen. I thought it was just such a fairy tale when lights went down and her dress lit up. I thought that was epic. 

It glows in the dark omg #ClaireDanes #MetGala #MetGala2016

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I loved Karlie Kloss in Brandon Maxwell, the top layer once you took it off, it was very chic and the cutouts and the white, and it was perfectly tailored. I thought she looked amazing. She was in my top three.

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And Solange. She’s always interesting. She’s always the girl to watch for me. It’s always interesting, whether you get it or you don’t or you think its beautiful or you don’t, its always something to talk about. 

I thought Katy Perry looked very interesting. I thought it was a little bit of last year’s theme for me, but as a look, it was a complete look. 

What about Beyoncé’s big entrance?

I thought it was… Givenchy. Like last year and the year before that and the year before that. 

How do you think people overall did with the theme this year?

I think we saw a lot with color. There were a lot of metallics, a lot of golds and bronzes. It was a little better than last year when it comes to people following the theme I think. 

Now you’re joining Galore as our fashion editor at large — how did that come about?

Well, I worked with Prince and Jacob for Zendaya’s cover which was really cool, and I think we all had a really good chemistry and it was great working with them. So we did the Ruby Rose cover and right after we did that, they offered me the fashion editor at large position and I had to think about it because I have a lot of girls and a lot of work, but I thought it was so cool because I love what they do. I love the freshness of Galore and I figured out after thinking about it it’s something I totally wanna be a part of.

What defines a Galore girl in your eyes?

A Galore girl is definitely cool. I think any girl that’s in Galore — they’re it girls. A Galore girl is definitely an it girl. She’s interesting, she’s beautiful, she has a point of view. She’s smart, she’s sexy. 

Prince and Jacob are becoming the people to look to to see who the next cool girl is. They’re creating a lane that’s not there. The Galore aesthetic is totally different from anything else that’s out there in my opinion, domestic or international. They’re really creating their own lane and I’m excited to be a part of that.

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