YouTuber Alisha Marie Answers 15 Fan Questions

You probably know her on YouTube for her lifestyle videos and vlogs, but Alisha Marie is a bad bitch in her own right.

Alisha started uploading videos to Youtube 2008, and since then has built a massive fanbase of over 5 million subscribers between her two channels. Not exactly an easy feat.

The lifestyle blogger stopped by our NYC office this morning, and we asked her some of the burning questions that her fans left in the comments of her YouTube videos.

Do you have a tattoo?

No, I don’t have a tattoo, I was wanting to get a tattoo. A lot of people around me passed away recently, and I saw something about the dash in between the year you are born and the year you die, and technically the dash is your life is summed up into one small little thing. I liked that idea, and I was playing with a pen and I didn’t really want to just get a dash tattoo because it makes no sense so I don’t know. Just an idea.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

I don’t know what I am going to be. I like the idea of the rock, paper, scissors for the group costume video I did. I’m definitely doing something with my best friends.

Did you end up naming your boyfriend pillow like you said in a past video?

There was a name, but I just can’t remember what I told my viewers it was. It’s in my comments, guys.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee for sure. It’s kind of known that I have an addiction.

Do you like your hair color right now?

A lot of people ask me if I like my blonde hair, and I do. I’ve been blonde for about a year now. Before though, I ombréd my hair and it had huge blondish band around it the first 4 months, and I was just like guys, give it time!

What is your Starbucks order?

A skinny soy vanilla latte.

What time do you wake up?

8:01 actually. That’s really what time I set my alarm. 

So, what are your fave brands?

Urban Outfitters, TopShop, Nasty Gal.

What other YouTube channels do you watch? 

I really like Mia Stammer, also Natalie’s Outlet.

Who are your fave celeb Snapchatters? 

My fave Snapchatters would have to be either Kylie Jenner or Shay Mitchell.

Favorite people on Instagram?

Hmm, probably @MyLifeAsEva or @SincerelyJules.

If you had to pick one social media to stick with for the rest of your life, what would it be?

YouTube obviously first, because it’s the central hub for everything I do. But I really love Twitter. It’s really hard to get a following there, but once you do, it sticks. My fans are really engaged and I get to really talk to them there. It’s harder with other platforms like Instagram because it’s hard to see comments and my Snap is public so I don’t get comments back. 

Favorite makeup brands?

I love Sephora, I could spend hours in there, but Tarte and Nars are some of my favorite brands.

What’s your go-to beauty secret for if you have to shoot a video but you’re not really feeling yourself?

Lashes, I wear lashes all the time now. Like you can just wake up and look done. The ones I’m wearing now, they’re falsies but I have had extensions, and they’re a lot of work. And eyebrows, like I could never film a video and not have my eyebrows done.

Why don’t you have all your videos on one channel?

The main channel is where I produce the comedy sketches, and then I have the vlog. Those vlogs are my favorite and they’re easy to edit – I can do it in 40 minutes. I just keep it separate for the people who want to look into my life and the people who want pure entertainment. It’s rare for people to be like I didn’t know you had one without the other, and I only do it because I unfollow people who mix their vlogs and entertainment videos. 

Photography: Amber Asaly

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