You’re Intelligent AF If You Stay Up Late and Say F*ck a Lot

If you’re like me, your mom loves to bring up all these bad habits and behaviors you had as a kid now that you are in your twenties just to remind you how much she put up with.

But a lot of those characteristics carried over into adulthood, and it turns out that if you like to curse, keep your spaces messy and stay up really late, it’s probably because you’re smart af. So take that, mom!

No, seriously though. There are several studies suggesting that swearing, staying up late, and messiness are actually linked to a higher IQ.

More specifically, there is a reason why you like to curse. My mom always used to tell me that people who use cuss words have no higher vocabulary and that’s why they have to use cuss words.

Well, ya know what, that’s some fucking bull shit because I’m an English major, and I can name pretty much every profanity under the sun.

And this study says that those who can name most swear words in under a minute will probs score higher on an IQ test than those that couldn’t, and it says that a knowledge of these words means that they have a higher rhetorical skills rather than a deficient vocabulary.

Fuck yeah it does.

Also, you’re also probably smarter if you like to stay up late. Night-time activities are considered to be evolutionary because biologically, humans are more active during the day. But if you choose to go to sleep later, this study says that you’re smart and you probably have a higher IQ than those who go to bed earlier.

Also, another good piece of news to go tell your mom in apology for all those times she chastised you about your messy room.

This study also shows that a messy desk and work space is linked to higher IQs, and it also shows that a messy environment led to more creative thinking and new ideas because if you’re not cleaning up after your messes, your brain is probably focused on other things.

Like being smart as fuck.

So, as if you needed anymore validation for your shitty habits, there ya go.

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