Being Late Might Actually Be A Personality Trait

Lateness might not be just a bad habit, scientists are saying.

A recent study examined the differences in how people who are categorized “Type A” by their consistent organization habits and competitive nature versus those who are more relaxed, perceive time.

The experiment asked participants to guess how much time they thought had passed after a one minute timer sounded, and the “Type B” group were made up of people who, on average, believed 77 seconds had passed, while “Type A” people on average, thought only 58 seconds had passed.

What does this mean for different personality types?

According to Business Insider, the way people view time affects their time management skills, and their general outlook on life.

“If you notice you’re constantly running way behind schedule, it could be because you’re an optimist. Yeah, you read that right. If you’re an optimist, you tend to think you have more time on your hands than you actually do,” an article, “People Who Always Run Late Are More Successful and Creative – Here’s Why” noted.

So from now on, be late to everything and tell people it’s not your fault because you’re an optimist. Like Gaia Matisse says, “Perception is reality, because it literally is.”

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