Your go-to fall trend based on your zodiac sign

It’s that time of year. You know, the time when you mourn the gradual loss of your summer tan, and start looking for that one sweater that has gone forgotten, and subsequently missing, for months. (Pro tip: check behind your bed).

That’s right, it’s fall, baby. Well, almost.

With the new season comes new trends and clothes. New season, new you. A darker you, a broodier you — a Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City meets Sarah Jessica Parker in Hocus Pocus version of you.

It’s a time of reinvention for sure — but where to start? Maybe look to the stars for some guidance. Here are the best fall trends that you can rock based on your birth sign.

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Aries: red all over

You’re energetic, confident, and passionate when you want to be. So, why not try out a fiery red? Typically maroon is a fall red, but a more vibrant red has been popping up all over. Why blend in when you can stand out? You have the power to own red, so go for it.

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Taurus: fun fanny packs

As practical as you are, this newest trend was PRACTICALLY made for you. Fanny packs are back, but who wears them around their waist anymore? Me at Disneyland in 3rd grade — and that one girl you sort of know who found a vintage fanny in a thrift store. Cool fashion gurls are not. Kylie Jenner, amongst others, are now rocking fannies around their bodies, chic and functional. Come on Taurus, this is a trend you’re gonna want to drop some money on.

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Gemini: Tenenbaum barrettes

Your neck isn’t going to be sweaty and gross anymore! So, it’s time to let your hair down again and try that tousled wave look again, but with the addition of sweetly placed barrettes on one or both sides of your part. Barrettes give the illusion of innocence, but take them out and with one hair flip you’re back in the game. Perfect for the ever-changing Gem. Pair with a fur coat and you’re Margot Tenenbaum.

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Cancer: velvet babydoll

A romantic velvet silhouette. Not a velvet skater dress that you find all year round in your local mall, but one with a sweet pattern, maybe even in a deep fall jewel tone. The look is perfect for all your favorite things: late night strolls and writing poems in your notebook on a fire escape. Your romanticism bleeds into your sartorial choices.

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Leo: grunge-y rave gear

Anything glitter, metallic and proven to make all club-goers take a second look. Is it a pop star? a reality star? Nope, just a Leo who lives for glitz and attention. Come on, you know your bold enough to rock it. Especially glitter boots, which are sure to be a Leo fall staple.

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Virgo: midi skirts

It’s about to get a lot cooler and you like to dress a little modestly anyway. So, invest in a midi skirt. A metallic one is on trend for fall and won’t be so boring. You to don’t have to be the center of attention, but at least be at stage right or left.

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Libra: cowgirl biker

The western chic look. You need some leather and vintage cowgirl boots. This kind of look says I settle disputes between rough outlaws or my best friends.

Scorpio: smokey eyes

Save the really harsh darker stuff for winter. But for fall, a brown smoky eye will go with all the neutral tones you’ll be wearing, plus you’ll still look dark and mysterious as hell. Like a thotty Carmen San Diego!

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Sagittarius: florals for fall

You love the outdoors. So, why not wear them? You need a floral wrap dress. A pattern that looks very 70’s would be a bit tacky as a wallpaper, but as a dress it curve huggin’ and autumn-y as hell.


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Capricorn: corporate heaux

Blazer dress. You mean business, even if your business is to get drunk at the bar and look hot. Werk that deep V like your internet empire depends on it.

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Aquarius: power clashing

You’re all about originality and your game to try mixing fall tones and prints to create a chic 2017 fall look. Bring on all the warm tones and kitschy patterns.

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Pisces: athleisure

You need something you can do your favorite activities in, which are creating and sleeping. Leisure wear is not only on trend, but ultra comfy. The satin fabrics are like fancy pajamas — flowy and soft, perfect for relaxation nation. So, this might be the fall trend you find yourself continually revisiting.

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