Everyone is obsessing over “Therapuss with Jake Shane” and so are we! The content creator sat down with us to discuss his love for entertaining and how he has made it a business that is sweeping over Hollywood! Jake Shane takes his passion for comedy and entertainment to a new height with his popular podcast – available on all social platforms. If you want to learn more about how Jake does it, keep reading below.

When did you begin to realize that comedy and content creation were a new way for you to explore your own expression? 

I’m the type of person who thrives off entertaining those around me. It’s just how I operate. I love being on stage and I love making people laugh. So as soon as people were laughing along with me, I felt comfortable exploring different facets of my comedy. Not only were people supportive, but they were also laughing, and that’s all I ever wanted. 

As you get more and more known on social media and more brands want to work with you and fans want to hear from you, what are self-care practices you perform to maintain a healthy balance between your career and your mental health? Do you take social media breaks? 

I wish I could take social media breaks! I’m addicted, transparently, so it’s hard for me to take a break. However, when I get overwhelmed, I put on a show or go on Pinterest. Also, nothing makes me feel better than working out. 

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What type of content are you most excited about creating this year? 

I’m most excited about my podcast! It’s giving me a chance to prove to people I can do long form comedy in addition to short form. 

We love the skits you do from people’s comments: Which has been your favorite? 

My favorite skit must be when Cinderella was finding out her Uber was a pumpkin. I just had so much fun filming it. 

What is your favorite thing about hosting a podcast?  

Being able to bring on my friends. It’s such a pinch me moment to see my best friends and I on a platform like Spotify. 

You’ve already had incredible guests like Tate McRae and Renee Rapp on “Therapuss”. Who would your dream guest be?  

Taylor Swift. Period end of sentence. I’d die for her. 

Knowing what you do now – what would you “pusscribe” to your younger self?  

Grace. I wish I had given myself more of that when I was younger. 

You recently announced that you’re doing your first live show on May 1 at the Irvine Improv. What are you looking forward to most about connecting with your fans live? 

Seeing everyone (hopefully) laugh in person! 


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