Alexandra Michelle Is the Yoga Goddess You Need to Follow

Artist, yoga teacher, and zen child — LA-based babe Alexandra Michelle has an Instagram full of good vibes.

Her feed consists of healthy food, yoga on beaches, and the blonde goddess herself, usually pictured painting or smiling on the beach, or sometimes next to famous bestie Alexis Ren.

We asked her more about her yoga routine and fitness philosophy below.

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Do you work out besides yoga? What is your routine?

I do yoga every morning at the studio I trained at, and then I will do certain poses at home depending on what my body needs for that day. I do like to run a couple of times a week as well! 

What is your food philosophy?

In regards to food I call myself a flexitarian! Meaning I listen to my body and see what it needs at that time. I don’t necessarily follow a certain diet, but I can instantly feel what is nourishing to my body. 

How do you stay motivated to be fit?

Yoga is more than just a physical practice for me. It is therapy, and exercise, and a way to make my soul grow. I think with fitness it is so important to find something that you truly love and get joy out of, otherwise it is difficult to stick with.

Do you have any tips on how to take a beautiful yoga photo?

With taking yoga photos it’s important to be really comfortable and just breathe into the pose. It usually looks better if you take it from a lower angle and a side view because it makes you look longer and taller. 

You love art as well as yoga. Do you think the two intersect?

I love art! My mother is an artist and we used to paint all over the walls of our house. I get the same feeling from yoga that I do from painting. My heart fills with joy and my mind becomes very still. Both art and yoga are moving meditations. 

At home practice or in class?

I love to take classes from different inspiring teachers. There are a lot of incredible teachers in LA and there is always so much to learn and go deeper with in the practice. I do love having an at home practice as well because I can go more inward. I think especially while traveling it is important to have your own practice!

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