Women Are Still Looking at Politics As a Job We Can’t Do

With the first woman to win a nomination as a presidential candidate, it’s crazy to think about how the current state of politics could be inspiring girls to look at Hillary Clinton and think, I could do that too.

But is that what they’re thinking?

study done at American University reports that women generally don’t run for positions in the government because they don’t feel qualified enough to hold these positions. Which is not only really sad, but also makes a lot of sense. Society doesn’t tend to reward women who are confident and proud of their abilities.

But with only 19% of all positions in government held by women, we’ve got to remember that this is an issue that’s larger than ourselves, ladies.

A Broadly article titled, “We Still Need 140,000 Women in Office for Political Gender Equality” broke down the main issues with where we are right now, and where we need to go

“I think what happens for young women is that they see her—she was the First Lady, she was the Secretary of State, she was a two-term Senator—and they see all these credentials and they wonder, ‘How do I do that?’ It almost looks untenable,” Anne Moses, the founder of Ignite, a company that helps women pursue political careers, told Broadly. “I also think depending on what your race and ethnicity is—look at Hillary Clinton—it’s even more untenable.”

It’s important to get involved right now because clearly the men in power aren’t doing such a great job of handling things; anyone would agree that there’s no way you could fuck things up more than they have.

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