To Women, With Love: Girl Cult Poetry by Chloë Mitchell

You might not know who she is, but Kanye West gave her a shout out on one of his tracks. So, who is Chloë Mitchell?

Chloë Mitchell is the poet working behind the scenes with some of your fave musicians to create some of the most powerful moments in music.

Her poem, “If they let us,” is written in braille on the front cover of Rihanna’s newest album “ANTI.” And Kanye West recites another one of her poems, “Your bitter is my sweet,” on his 2010 track “Blame Game” from his record “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

The Harlem native recently published her first collection of poems called “Therapy Sessions Vol. I,” which you can buy here or at Barnes and Noble.

Read the really beautiful poetry she wrote for exclusively for Galore and our latest Girl Cult issue.

Poetry by Chloë Mitchell

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