You Wish You Were Invited to This Ultra Luxe Frat Party

Back to school for college kids means back to a way of life full of libertinism and fraternal freedom, but mostly, it means just trying to balance your social life and studying without exploding.

But what if we got rid of the studying? Just imagine one long, endless party full of opulence and extravagance, dripping in sultry and golden embroidery.

This matters especially now, in a time where sororities chant and scream really scary things, and frats are basically glorified sex-hungry cults, sometimes it can be really hard to see yourself in either of these.

Well, here is probably where you belong: introducing The Ultra Luxe Anti-Frat Party.

This shoot was basically put together as the counter-culture answer to the lame frat party. No kegs or beer pong here, but still just as steamy. These models really embody that next level luxury that’s hard to find on any college campus. See for yourself.

Left to Right:

Blazer: Chanel | Pants: All Saints

Blazer: A Star is Born High | Waisted Bottoms: Calvin Klein

Dress: Versace

Left to Right:

Choker & Top : Are You Am I 

Top: Burberry | Pants: Levis

Blazer: Chanel | Pants: AllSaints

Blazer: A Star Is Born High | Waisted Bottoms: Calvin Klein | Boots: Dolce & Gabbana

Dress: Versace

Left to Right:

Top: Burberry | Pants: Levis | Loafers: Dolce & Gabbana

Choker & Top : Are You Am I 

Left to Right:

Bomber: Chanel

Bomber: Chanel | Pants: AllSaints

Left to Right (Top):

Bomber: Chanel

Bomber: Chanel | Pants: AllSaints

Button Up: Moschino | Skirt: Paul & Joe

Left to Right (Bottom):

Mesh Top: TopMan | Pants: Moschino

Dress: Jeremy Scott

Left to Right:

Pant Suit: Style Stalker | Loafers: Gianni Versace

Top: Givenchy | Pants: AllSaints | Loafers: Dolce & Gabbana

Top: Endless Rose | High Waisted Shorts: Calvin Klein | Heels: Sol Sana

Choker: VidaKush | Top: Bardot | Trousers: Rag&Bone | Heels: Sol Sana

Coat: Joyrich | Pants: DSquared| Loafers: Stallone

Photographer: Jared Thomas Kocka @jajajaredthomas

MUA: Tori Mcckonkey @torimcconkey

Hair: Kathleen Riley @kathleenhair

Styling: Kaycee Kuna @kayceekuna


Grace Cheng @gracepcheng (TWO)

Maxwell Runko @mxrunko (TWO)

Maddy Cook @maddielinecook (NEXT)

Julian Rapaport @crucially_rapaport (TWO)

Savvy Taylor @savvytaylor (Factor)

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