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We are slowly entering the dark seasons, and seasonal depression is r.e.a.l. It is always important for me to not only keep up with my wellness routines, but to add new things during the colder darker seasons that allow me to feel aligned. Most importantly I love to take care of my skin and body, and during these seasons I have found I form stronger connections with myself. That is why I pulled together some few products I felt could help me with my morning routines, getting home from work routine, and my night routine. Whether its skin care, yoga, binge watching my fave series, or being tucked in reading a good book, prioritizing myself during these months is how I strengthen myself. With less sun around, it is important to be your own light.


This FlexiSpot Sit2Go chair is one of my newest obsessions! To begin, I absolutely love how easy it was to assemble the desk chair. The base came assembled, all I had to do was screw in the petals, seat and back rest. I am really excited to see what progress I will obtain over the fall and winter months now that I can fully practice my wellness routine from home!

As a New Yorker based in Brooklyn, biking is often my preferred method of transportation and working out. Now that the colds months are rushing in, I am grateful I won’t have to pause my fitness routine. What is amazing about this desk chair is that I am able to send emails, work on features and practice my DJ sets all the while toning my core muscles. I love that there is a way to increase the resistance and that it tucks right into my standing desk, which I also got from FlexiSpot. If you are looking for an affordable stationary bike, look no further than the FlexiSpot Sit2Go desk chair! Trust me!


Indie skincare brand BYOMA has catapulted to best-selling skincare brand at Target stores nationwide! With a lineup of affordable (all products under $16) and effective skincare products, the brand has sold out at 1 in 3 Target stores nationwide. 

From their best-selling Creamy Jelly Cleanser, Hydrating Serum, and Moisturizing Rich Cream, BYOMA showcases the importance of skin barrier health with their proprietary Tri-Ceramide ComplexTM (ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids). Since launching earlier this year, the brand has sold 500,000 units of BYOMA products with sales continuing to increase week over week! 

Tru Alchemy Skincare

Summer may be over, but don’t let your glow disappear with it! As the seasons change to colder winds and drier air, Tru Alchemy, the award winning and clean indie skincare brand, is here to help keep your skin hydrated and nourished. 


Are you an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or just having pain but don’t know what to do? Inflamade is the solution for you. Inflamade found real relief from CBD and wants to share it with the world. Inflamade provides a natural health solution to people in need who combat chronic pain, inflammation, or swelling. The company was created by a group of health-minded individuals who designed Inflamade to provide a healthy alternative to relieve pain that anyone can use.

For more information, please visit www.inflamade.com/

Mimaami Organics

Mimaami Organics raw shea butter is ethically sourced from Ghana, where women-led co-operatives are responsible for collecting and refining the shea nut to its silky-buttery form. Mimaami is equally committed to re-investing in these same women in many ways, including teaching best practices in sustainability, entrepreneurship and leveraging their collective talent to share the power of shea to communities around the globe.

Website: https://mimaamiorganics.com/

Mise en Scènt

Price: $36

Candles curated for the film buffs! Brooklyn-based candle studio handcrafts fragrant candles with unique scents inspired by your favorite films to help all candle lovers live in their favorite movies. Mise en Scènt started with a movie fanatic with an idea to immerse viewers in their movie to create a main character environment you never want to leave. Put on your favorite movie, light a beautifully scented candle, and elevate your experience. All candles are eco-friendly, produced using soft, natural soy wax, organic wicks, phthalate-free fragrance oils, and US-produced glass. Mise en Scènt is a sustainable brand that is great to gift all movie lovers who want to get swept up in the glamor of an Old Hollywood classic, a femme fatale perfume in Mystery, or relish in the enticing floral start for a budding romance in Rom-Com. All scents and themes are inspired by iconic films, perfect to set the scene for all movie nights. 

Available on Wolf & Badger, Super Yaki and Verishop

Sea Witch Botanicals

Price: Varies

Gorgeous gorgeous girls love creating a soothing self-care ritual with the goodness from Sea Witch Botanicals. This amazing brand has a beautiful collection of artisan soaps, product washes, incense, and candles that blend to harness a healthy lifestyle. You’ll purify your space and your spirit. The goodness goes right down to the compostable and recyclable packaging and paper shipping tape so everything is carbon neutral!  

Laki Naturals

Bath time is the new happy hour, with Laki Naturals’ Cocktail Bath Soak. It’s time to soothe away the stresses of the day with these cocktail inspired salt soaks. I would love to know if these ‘spiked’ bath essentials could be a good fit for any gift guides or beauty stories you may be working on? Sit back, relax and enjoy bath time with one of your favorite cocktails.

 Understatement Lingerie 

Introducing THALASSA. In their newest obsession in Gatsby Lace, Thalassa makes its deblue. With organic cotton in a rich blue shade, Thalassa comes in three well-loved models as well as the brand-new Lace Plunge Top.


They are empowering. They are inclusive. They are fun. But above all, they are sexy. They’re Dreamgirl International, the trendsetting brand established in 1978 with the belief that every woman should embrace her sexy side and feel empowered while doing so. At Galore we believe that every girl is a dream girl.


Sex toys are all the craze and if you’ve been eager to try but don’t know where to start then meet – PlusOnethe sexual wellness company breaking down taboos of sexual self-pleasure with beautiful, high-performance, and affordable sexual wellness products.

Made with body-safe silicone and waterproof materials, these exciting wellness products are ultra-hygienic, easy to clean, quiet, sleek, inexpensive, and provide the best self-pleasure! Check out their products here or they’re available on Walmart, Target and Amazon!

42 Birds Cork Yoga Mat & Accessories

Price: $22.00-$86.00

Surprise the yogi girl in your life by gifting her a cork yoga mat! 42 Birds designs eco-friendly yoga and wellness products for yogis and fitness lovers. The 100% recycled cork products bring joy to health-conscious consumers and create the perfect balance of cushion and traction while being eco-friendly and lightweight. 


Plankpad is the world’s first app-supported total body trainer that combines workouts with games. The playful element is Plankpad’s secret weapon against the biggest enemy of all exercisers: overcoming your inner badass and completing workouts regularly. Instead of just fighting the clock, the app (available for iOS and Android) motivates intense workouts through varied games. Simply place your smartphone or tablet on the board, lean on it in the plank position, and control the games through your movements. The games challenge your playful ambition and distract you from the strenuous workout. You focus on the game and keep up the forearm support quite incidentally – and significantly longer. The app can also be streamed to any smart TV, turning the workout in the living room into an event for the whole family. $129 MSRP, but can often be found at good discounts.

https://plankpad.com/en/ and Amazon

ABLE by Fitness Hardware

These smooth rolling, multi-directional push-up bars are your new secret weapon for home chest workouts, home ab workouts, and upper body strength training. 20+ specific workout moves to develop strength, endurance, and muscle mass in the chest, shoulders, and back. Our patented technology spins, rotates, and offers challenging instability for flies, roll-outs, and presses to work the chest from every imaginable angle.

Please visit https://fitnesshardware.com/ for more information.

STNKY Washable Laundry Bag

Price: $30.00

Girls on the go want to keep their dirty clothes separate from their clean clothes. STNKY Bags are the best way to sort, store, carry, wash and dry everything from sweaty gym clothes, laundry when you travel, scrubs, and just about anything else that gets dirty or sweaty. STNKY Bags lock in those germs and smell from your gear while you go about your day. Then, when it’s laundry time, there’s no need to touch your dirty stuff. Just open the bottom zipper, turn the bag inside out and your STNKY Bag becomes a wash bag. Throw it in the washer and dryer, bag and all, and you’ll be ready to go again! 

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