WEEKLY HOROSCOPES: Sept. 5–11, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, consider reading your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.



Jovial Jupiter having been in your sixth house for almost more than one year had turned your attention to health, work, and routine. You might have worked on various projects, which were suddenly coming to you from all walks of life. Now when Jupiter the luckiest of all planets, enters your 7th house of relationships you will have 13 months of golden opportunities to meet the love of your life!

Yes, exactly, lucky Jupiter touring your 7th house of relationships and other people is a true blessing. If single, you might meet somebody new, who will sweep you off your feet. It will be somebody who inspires you, brings you out of your rut, basically somebody who makes you want more out of life and most importantly makes you believe in yourself.

On the other side, if you’ve been in a draining relationship for way too long, Jupiter is going to help you to finally break it off. The only “problem” that you might be facing is, that there are too many options for you out there. Whatever Jupiter touches, it expands. Several people will be interested in your companionship and will want to spend time with you. If you’ve been in a happy fulfilling relationship, now could be the time for a fortunate marriage, but please wait for Mercury to turn direct, before signing any kind of contracts. All in all, any kinds of relationships might bring you benefits now.

I’m not gonna lie, this week will still have a bit of tension, since Saturn (Satan), currently in your higher education house will be forming harsh aspects to idealistic Neptune in your 12th house of the unconscious. Matters related to school or travel might slap you in the face now, same with Pluto the lord of darkness forming a harsh aspect to loving Venus in your relationship house, but that won’t matter that much. Once the best of all planets Jupiter moves into Libra your opposite sign, you will kick start into the best relationship year.

This year will be a year of love for you! You will be meeting new souls that will inspire you, your mind, your everything. Your partner will expand your horizon in ways you never thought of before.



Lovely news, dear Taurus! Jupiter the luckiest planet of our solar system will be moving into Libra, who you happen to share your ruling planet with à Venus the planet of love. Jupiter will be moving into your 6th house of health and daily routines for almost 13 months!

We are currently experiencing two harsh planetary squares. One is Pluto, the lord of darkness freaking out soft Venus in your work and health sector, but thanks to Jupiter our hero, you’ll be safe. The other annoying planetary unpleasantness is, that strict but realistic Saturn is trying to kill off your dreams.

Don’t let that energy get you down. Think of Saturn more as a helper to structure your dreams properly, this way you won’t live in an illusion.

The Jupiterian energy will help you have limitless energy, but don’t forget to eat or sleep. Even though this is such a lucky period for you and your health, make sure to stack up on vitamin pills to boost your immune system, as you might feel so good you end up overworking yourself. On the other side, if you want to quit a bad habit like smoking, you will have full cosmic support to do so. Jupiter brings plenty of new job opportunities. Just look around and you’ll see. Seize the golden opportunities! Venus is on your side for almost a whole year! Sweet!



Good times! Damn Gemini! Jupiter the planet of good luck will be entering your witty air sister Libra, which rules your 5th house of romance, lust, and creativity.

Lucky Jupiter in that sector is making you more sensual than ever. Astrologically this is the most fun place to have Jupiter transiting in. The fun just never stops. And from this week on Jupiter will be dancing in that sector of your chart for 13 whole months!

Be careful, though, when Jupiter is in your 5th house, chances for pregnancy are pretty high. If you plan on having a baby, good for you. If not, make sure to be extra careful when you get sexually active, especially when you’re having a wild one night stand.

Artwork or creative projects will be of great focus to you and you might get a hell lot of exposure over the coming months.

Remember, whatever powerful Jupiter touches, it expands. (The Astro Midas touch). Your creativity is on a high and you’ll be creating, non-stop. Nobody can stop you, now. It’s perfect timing to launch any of your creative projects.

I mean there are two intense planetary meetings this week, one between strict Saturn currently teaching you about relationships vs. dreamy Neptune going for your dream artist career. The other tense aspect will be between loving Venus in your fun sector being a little smashed by dark Pluto who is looking for more than just a fling. In my opinion, though this is a very sexy transit. So don’t worry.

If people aren’t in love with you already, they definitely will be falling head over heels, from this week on. I doubt anybody can resist that Gemini Tinkerbelle charm with that extra dash of Jupiter bling.


Home, oh so sweet home. Generous Jupiter will be entering your 4th house of home and family. This is a beautiful time to expand your house or living situation.

Astrologically, this is the best ever transit if you plan to invest in real estate or buy a new property. Remember the next time Jupiter will be touring that domestic sector of your chart, will only be in 12 years time! So, go big, or go home Cancer!

It is a lucky period to spend some quality time with siblings and family, in general.

Jupiter rules your 6th house of health, daily routines and jobs. Chances are that you might really improve your health or start a great new job, maybe one you can work from your beautiful home.

You might have recently landed a job related to media, where you were finally able to reach out into the world with your magical words, thanks to lucky Jupiter traveling through your 3rd house of communication and publishing. Maybe it is going so well now, that you are more comfortable and have that option to work from home! You probably got massive exposure for all the work you’ve been doing. You totally deserve it Cancer, since you fully commit and pour all of your heart into your work and personal projects.

Things and plans you tried to launch during last week might not have worked out at the speed you planned on since Mercury is retrograde and strict Saturn is forming a tense square to dreamy Neptune planet of ideals in your expansive 9th house of publications, but Saturn is trying to slow down and structure while Neptune in your 9th wants to go full speed and spread your ideas.

In the love department: Beware of overpowering each other at home. Venus is not forming the smoothest aspect to power player Pluto. It is important to speak the truth, but Pluto likes no sugar coating. Don’t manipulate situations in order to stay the happy couple everybody is envious off. Pluto doesn’t believe in fakeness. In the long run, the good news, are that transformations through relationships can help you further in your whole transformation to become better and love deeper, no matter what. The lesson is learning about what true love is.

Once Jupiter moves into Venus-ruled Libra, relationships will become smoother for all 12 signs of the zodiac. So don’t worry this will be an overall sweet year for all kinds of relationships. Maybe it is time to expand your family?  If already in a relationship, now may be the time you guys get t know each other’s families on a much deeper level.



Thinking about getting that masters degree? Jupiter the luckiest of all planets will be moving into your 3rd house of communication and learning, this week, to stay for 13 months.

It’s a magnificent time period to go back to school. Your mind will be like a sponge and you will be really good at learning new things. Or reverse the roles, you could be the teacher since you are such a joyful communicator with Jupiter influencing you. Unfortunately, this is also a time period where you can become a huge procrastinator since everything works out so well for you that you become over confident and don’t start your assignments in time. The 3rd house also rules transport and trips. If you always wanted a car, now would be an excellent time to find a good deal. Jupiter has so many gifts for you. Friends might randomly call you up to leave town for the weekend. Go for it and explore.

There will be two tense squares this week, though. Watch to not overspend other people’s money and be careful at work not to offend anybody since Pluto could be making you very honest. Honesty is a good thing, but if in an office sometimes it’s better to just shut up and listen.

Once Jupiter moves into Venus-ruled Libra, relationships will become smoother for all 12 signs of the zodiac. So don’t worry this will be an overall sweet year, most importantly, for LOVE.


This week, abundant Jupiter will move into your 2nd house of income, money, and possessions, bringing increased financial opportunities.

Jupiter being the ruler of your 4th house of family and home, you might end up buying an apartment and overall family activities will be sweeter.

You are ruled by clever Mercury, don’t worry if one source of your income might shut down now, Jupiter sometimes closes doors to open new and better ones.

Since you have a lot of money coming in soon, be careful not to overindulge or overspend.

Last year until this week Jupiter, the giver of gifts and good luck has been in your sign helping you grow in all areas of life, plus last week’s powerful eclipse in your sign lead you in towards your real path of life.

When in a relationship watch out for conflict between your partner and your family due to strict Saturn forming tense aspects to idealistic Neptune currently touring through your relationship sector.

From this week on you should start your journey as the moneymaker of the zodiac, you have 13 months to build your empire!



Libra this will be your BEST YEAR EVER ! Every 12 years, astrologically we have our most prosperous period, thanks to the so-called Jupiter transit.

Jupiter, a.k.a, the luckiest planet, will be touring your sign for almost 13 months! YES! Libra you lucky bitch, that means you’ll have the most exuberant energy, full force, of the entire zodiac.

Jupiter in the 1st house of self, reminds us that we might have been underestimating our capabilities. Optimistic Jupiter is shouting: Believe in yourself! Have faith and make your dreams a reality. This is your moment to act. Use that lucky Jupiterian light beam wisely and live life to the fullest. I know you want to. Jupiter being the ruler of your 3rd house, it could even happen that you end up in the media. I feel so many good vibes for you. Go Libra!



A super interesting time is coming up for Scorpios. Scorpios, who are excellent at hiding feelings, especially from themselves, will surprise themselves this year.

I wonder what you guys will bubble up this year, once expansive Jupiter enters your 12th house of secrets and the unconscious. The emotions of a Scorpio are like an iceberg, we can only see the tip of it but if we look underwater there is a whole different world happening.

With abundant Jupiter in your 12th house of your hidden self, you’ll feel the urge to connect with something greater than you. You will keep much to yourself, but no worries. Others will be bewitched by your mysterious vibe.

Jupiter is the ruler of your money making 2nd house, so once you dive deep, you might be able to find the treasures and talents, that will help you make a whole lot of $$. The answer is within you. It is an excellent time to do anything related to meditation and yoga, this way you can crack open that chamber of secrets.

This week there will be two tense planetary meetings. Since you know that not all glitters is gold, I wouldn’t worry too much. Watch your spending, though, since Neptune in your pleasure seeking 5th house can make you overindulge in unnecessary things.

If you finally want to end a bad habit, now is a wonderful time to do so, since the 12th house is associated with endings. Your subconscious mind will be very strong for the next 13 months. There is no better time to overcome deep-seated issues. Next year in October, expansive Jupiter will be moving into your sign and you are going to begin a whole new cycle. You might develop psychic powers now and transform through some kind of spiritual but mysterious experience. Remember, true happiness comes from within.


V.I.P. times are coming! When Jupiter enters your 11th of your social network and dreams, it increases your need for faith and confidence in life. You might make new friends, the lucky ones, who can really help you advance in your career or simply inspire you to transcend to a higher spiritual plane.

Jupiter is not only your ruling planet but as well the planet of good luck. You can reach your biggest dreams – take action these coming months. You will rise up like a superhero. The volcano is ready to erupt. BANG! Jupiter rules your 1st house of self, so even though we have heavy Saturn still in transiting there maybe through some expert advice of one of your new influential friends, you will be able to get rid of that heaviness.

Merge that energy with last week’s powerful solar eclipse, which took place in your 10th house of career, and you’ll be really reaching a peak of success. Other people can make you extremely powerful now. That’s what friends are for.

Karmic Saturn, currently in your 1st house of self will be forming unpleasant aspects to idealistic Neptune currently traveling through your home sector. Watch out for some major family drama, or something related to your living situation. Believe in forgiveness and in what is meant to be is meant to be. Also, watch your finances this week as you could be overspending while partying with your friends. Either way, don’t forget that Jupiter, the greatest planet of all will be moving into Libra, ruled by Venus, meaning life will be sweeter than ever for a very long time!



OMG you have worked so hard and now, guess what: REWARDS are going to come! Holla!

Jupiter, also known as the great benefic, is entering your 10th house of career & reputation this week, for almost 13 months! You’ll be bombarded with so much phenomenal news!

With the super powerful and luckiest of all planets, Jupiter, in your 10th house of career and reputation, somebody might actually discover you and reach out to collaborate or hire you! You may gain a new top notch status. Maybe even world status!

Jupiter will be traveling your career sector until October 2017. Professional success and your reputation will keep growing all year long.

Through Jupiter’s finest vibes you could become the new hit, everyone will be talking about. People are going to be looking up to you and be magnetically attracted to your exuberant energy. Respect, Capricorn. Started from the bottom, now you’re here!

Just as we need your ruling planet Saturn for structure and slow but steady progress, we also need Jupiter to remind us that if we don’t take bold risks every now and then and expand ourselves, we’ll miss out on the biggest opportunities.

Okay, if you’ve been reading Astrology lately, you probably heard of the 2 tense squares being formed this month + Mercury Retro – hate. Don’t panic. Basically, you will have deep thoughts related to the topics: Career vs. spiritual transformation. Choose your career wisely! You pour so much energy into it and you are afraid of making mistakes or going the wrong path. Don’t worry as Jupiter will open your eyes fully and help you seize the best opportunities out there. Jupiter is known as the luckiest planet of the solar system for a reason.


Jupiter, the giver of gifts and good luck is entering your expansive ninth house, which already is known as the most Jupiterian House. Double Jupiter for you, dear Aquarius! You might expand yourself through foreign studies, a new language, or travel even. This is such a prosperous period for you.

You will go out there and make your dreams a reality. You might decide to go back to school or drop out to grow spiritually. You might get an opportunity to travel to a long distance destination. A spiritual awakening will commence this week. You might change your whole course of life. Expect the unexpected as Jupiter will be transiting this sector of your chart for more than a year.

If you meditate regularly you should feel a bit uneasy this week. Since there will be a lot of tension triggered in your unconscious. There are two heavy squares this month for all the signs. It is important to stay sane and wait it out a little. Don’t forget that Jupiter the luckiest planet is giving you such a positive vibe for the next 13 months. Venus will be exalted and we will all feel so much love.



This week, Jupiter the planet of wealth will enter your 8th house of shared finances, SEX and deep intimacy. The lucky planet will stay in that sector of your chart until October 2017.

Think about the money you share with others. If you’re married, you might get lucky and your partner is going to receive a big sum of money. Jupiter in your 8th house is opening the door for new opportunities to earn money and at the same time a chance to share and open up emotionally with your special someone.

Money could come to you now, as a result of any kind of relationship, be it through your partner or a family member. Thanks to grand Jupiter, it is a time of increased sexual intimacy and psychological understanding between you and your sweetie. Your sex life becomes more satisfying. Jupiter brings spirituality into your sex life. Sex is more than just physical, it’s a spiritual act. Steamy, hot 13 months are coming up for you, dear Pisces!

This week there will be two unpleasant planetary transit but after September you won’t be feeling these tensions that strongly anymore.

It’s just, that necessary career moves/duties need to be fulfilled for you to continue your grand life without worries, or even to fully live as an artist.

Watch out when you drink as you could end up having sex with a friend since there are tricky planetary squares happening this week shaking up a little bit of drama in your friendship sector. As long as you don’t get wasted you shouldn’t worry!

Don’t forget that Jupiter, the greatest planet of all will be moving into Libra, ruled by Venus, meaning life will be sweeter than ever for a very long time!

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