WEEKLY HOROSCOPES: Oct. 31-Nov. 6, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, Halloween edition!

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.


If you would play a role in a horror flick, you could die first, since rebel planet Uranus is in your sign, making you more fearless and impulsive than ever. At least you died a hero! Yay!

You are like a mortal combat fighter, Aries. Shocker planet Uranus + fierce Mars, your planetary ruler, the most brutal and extreme of all planets.

It would be best for you to dress up as either Jack the Ripper, a kid from “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” or any Tarantino character really. You are not actually scared of anybody or anything since you are way too busy being a bad ass. Your motto is action and during this extreme time you will surely end up on a Harley riding down the highway to hell.

Finish off this spooktacular Halloween week with a spicy Bloody Mary.



It would be a prime time to dress up as partners in crime, due to the Sun and Mercury highlighting your 7th house of partnership.

Sensual Venus, your ruling sign, in your 8th house is the so-called sexpot transit! I suggest you go find a closet for some shagadellic action, but you guys like comfort so probably not a good idea. From all the signs this Halloween you have the best planetary energies for sex, lust & seduction.

It can go two ways with you, you either chill and thrill at home in your comfort zone watching horror movies while eating munchies, or if you decide to party, you will be one of the last ones standing after this weekend marathon due to your steel stamina which is hard to live up to.



Psycho killer, que’st que c’est? GEMINI! Finally, your favorite time of the year has come: Hell-oween. You are known as the silver-tongued devil in disguise, not only on Halloween but daily. You would totally rock dressing up as Harley Quinn or The Joker since you are always giggling and find everything so funny. Why so serious everybody? Come out and play!

Seductive Venus will be in Sagittarius your 7th house of other people and who you attract. Venus is the planet of sweetness, which means you could be attracting/receiving a lot of candy or somebody who is sweet like chocolate. Whoever you bump into at night should not be a trick. Looks like you’ll be drawing in many treaters. Hot!

Scariest fact this Halloween: Donald Trump is a Gemini, too. AHHHH!


Will you be the helpless Moaning Myrtle Warren from Harry Potter or are you going to turn it around this Halloween? What always works for you is to be part of the Addams Family group costume with your kinfolk.

Your ruling sign is the moon. Have you realized that the moon plays such a big role in horror stories…You get highly affected by the phases of the moon, that is because you are very sensitive and emotional. Why not turn into a werewolf this time and take a walk on the wild side? Surprise everyone!



I know what you did last summer, Leo. Yes, you know exactly.

For you, it is important to stand out on Halloween. With your limitless creativity, that won’t be a problem.

A sick costume would be to go as a rapper legend. If someone can pull this off, then it is you, Leo! Gangsta + lavish = ghetto fabulous! Bling bling it!

As a natural performer any theatrical character, maybe even one out of the Rocky Horror Picture show would totally work for you.

Dressing up as queen Madonna (of course she’s a Leo) would also be appropriate.

Once you enter the room there will be a silence of the lambs , because Leo the king has arrived. Talk about everybody’s biggest fear: being in your shadow the rest of the night.


This Halloween you will probably be dealing with someone else copying your well thought out perfect costume. Whatever.. you have a thousand brilliant ideas you can come up with in a second. It’s a shame that some people just aren’t as original and clever as you. You are too modest but please don’t be afraid or shy to step out of the house with your amazing costume.

Remember that Virgo legend Michael Jackson Michael Jackson came up with “Thriller” the most iconic and timeless Halloween song + insane music video.

During this spooky season, be sure to lock the door when taking a shower… you wouldn’t want a psycho to come into the bathroom and make a mess.



You want to be cute instead of scary, don’t deny it Libra! This year it is certain that you’ll put a spell on a special somebody. The magic of larger than life Jupiter is currently infusing your sign and expanding your overall charms! This planetary transit only happens once every twelve years. Without a doubt, you’ll be candy for everyone’s eyes, since your ruling planet is entrancing Venus.

There are so many sexy costumes to choose from/ Lolita, Zombie Prom Queen or creepy Malibu Barbie. Sounds peachy and just up your ally.

Due to your flirty nature, you will have many suitors that will want to kidnap and devour you. the next scream you hear may be your own . . .



‘Tis the season! Hell-oween, your birthday party time, baby! What a dope time to be born. While everyone is pretending to be someone scary you can finally be yourself.

You’ll still be dark and mysterious, don’t you worry. Darth Vader, Zombie or Voldemort. You’ll for sure be dressed to kill, no doubt about it.

Looking for revenge? Now is the time to scare the sh*t out of people! Muahahaha…

Witty Mercury will also be in your sign. Your mind will be sharper than ever, Scorpio. Like a boss, your mind games will fuck with everybody. Strangers will approach you if they dare. Definitely a smoking hot week for you.


Dance in the flames this Hell-oween. You are a fire sign and therefore one of the most passionate and energetic signs of the zodiac. Captivating Venus is currently transiting through your personal sign adding that extra charm and sweetness.

I suggest you dress up as Poison Ivy to make the most powerful use of seductive Venus. Lure in your devotees and give them that sweet poisonous nectar. Nobody will be able to resist.

You have plenty of plans this hallo-week, including a haunted house tour, exploring the woods for that forbidden fruit and going wild with your lover as Tarzan & Jane.

You want to play games and not just bopping apples.



Damn Capricorn, this Halloween you will have the darkest and fiercest planets in your sign: Mars, the warrior and sex planet, and Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld. People won’t only be scared of you but will feel this immense respect and power that will attract and repel them at the same time. This is the perfect spooky combo. Sexy times.

Hannibal Lecter, played by fellow Capricorn Anthony Hopkins, would be an excellent choice this year, or anything really from hell. A vampire cougar costume is also a clever choice to lure in innocent  victims.

You may think you are too old to trick or treat, but don’t forget that free candy is free candy!


You like to shock others since rebellious Uranus is your planetary ruler. If you indeed want to shock and scare everyone I suggest you dress up as a cockroach. Chances of making out with somebody that night are pretty low, though. Sometimes it is better to opt for that slutty costume. Aquarians are also known for their futuristic thinking, why not dress up as a robot or fembot. I am sure you will come up with the most innovative and original outfit idea and end up winning that best costume contest! Work it Aquarius! Genius!


Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and therefore has a little bit of all the signs inside of them. Your element is water and you can merge into literally anything. Your ruling planet Neptune is currently floating in your personal sign, making you more magical and transformative than you are aware of. People may trip out when they see you dressed up as a character. They won’t know if you are for real or a ghost. Spooky.

Careful on the booze, we don’t want you to oversleep Halloween again. Many of you will bake weed cookies and generously pass them around… this way everybody can float on the same level.

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