WEEKLY HOROSCOPES: Nov. 14-20, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.


On Monday there is a powerful full moon-super moon falling into Taurus, your money sector. If you spent way too much cash partying, Monday is the best time to review and understand how to start saving up again. You could create a new, successful financial plan. Kiss your bad habits goodbye. Remember: no pain, no gain.

Alert: Neptune the escapist planet will be turning direct this week in your 12th house of the unconscious, stirring up little nebulas of unresolved and most likely repressed issues. You probably highly benefited from yoga and meditation the past 6 months. Rewards and spiritual epiphanies should be gracing you now. Twelfth house issues can be tricky since we tend to hide our problems from ourselves, but Neptune, king of the sea, will give you that push to dive deep into the ocean and uncover your precious treasures.


The sun is still in your partner sign Scorpio, highlighting partners and relationships. With the powerful super moon in your sign, you have an intense magnetic energy. People will be so attracted to you right now. Your light beam of charisma is on high power.

This is also an important week of accomplishments for you, my dear bull. Your moon cycle (emotional journey) which started at the new moon six months ago is coming to an end with Monday’s potent full moon in Taurus. Full moons bring endings and completions. Bulls usually succeed with their goals because they have a slow but steady approach towards their goals. Have a glass of champagne and celebrate how far you have come this year.

Mystical Neptune is turning direct in your 11th House. You might now find out about “friends” that have been manipulating. Be cautious and fair. Maybe avoid getting too drunk with friends, since this could stir up some (unwanted) taboo topics or stories and turn situations uncomfortable or even ugly. There is a reason they call Neptune the planet of illusion. Don’t underestimate its mystical pulls and forces.


Try not to indulge in alcohol or drugs during this week’s potent full moon in Taurus, which falls into your 12th house of the unconscious. You will be much more sensitive to substances with the current lunar energy. Try and do something creative instead, as you might discover hidden talents. You are the genius of the zodiac. Don’t be afraid to stand out with your original ideas.

The 12th house basically rules secrets and things we repress and hide from even ourselves. A deep issue could get solved now. You need to find out for yourself what it is that has been blocking you. Meditation can be very helpful now. Open your inner cosmos and trust the positive vibes you’ll get. Laziness might overtake you, so don’t let it!

Maybe watching some movies can be the most productive activity for you this week.

Dreamer planet Neptune finally turns direct in your 10th house of career where it has been transiting for quite some time now. Illusions but also magical news about careers can come your way now. You might get an overseas offer to work. You are not quite sure what is best since Neptune adds fog to wherever it is transiting in the chart, which is actually very inspiring when doing art or creative stuff.


With the supermoon in your 11th house, you should definitely go out! You could be meeting a bunch of new people and a ton of new friends. Loosen up and try to approach people. You can never make too many friends.

Full moons happen when the sun, our conscious self, is exactly opposite the moon, the unconscious. Full moons are so powerful because the sun’s light brings out the dark and vice versa. Full moons bring endings as well as beginnings.

Monday’s Taurus full moon falling in your 11th house of friends, links you up with team players. It is vital for you to surround yourself with like-minded people now.

With mystic Neptune turning direct in your 9th house of education and higher consciousness, you might go back studying. An overseas education offer could be coming your way now. This is a very spiritual journey of Neptune. You might dive into eastern exotic knowledge, or at least take a big trip during your winter break.

News in the love department: It could very, very likely be that a new exotic lover comes into your life. Caliente. Careful, though, with illusions and imagining too much, Neptune can make us mad. Simply live for the moment and don’t plan ahead too much romantically.


Are you about to start a new job? You could feel that your recent position isn’t serving you any longer. Tuesday’s full moon falls in stubborn Taurus, your 10th house of career and honors. Full moons often bring endings, but where there is an ending, there is a new beginning awaiting you. Leos are extremely hardworking and when you have a goal in mind you will go all the way to achieve it.

Escapist planet Neptune is turning direct in your 8th House. You no longer want to ignore things like debts. Neptune has been retrograde for almost 6 months. Now you’ll have some time to iron everything out.



Forget about the types you usually go for, because this week can turn your attractions completely around. Your exotic 9th house is booming with that potent full moon!

How about a last minute trip to a foreign land? With all these exotic planetary transits, you could be absorbing a whole new culture. If you’re unable to travel due to work or other obligations, don’t worry! You’ll probably end up meeting somebody foreign either way.

Is a chapter of your spiritual journey coming to an end now or are you finishing education?

Full moons bring endings and lessons. What has been on your mind for the past six months? Are you satisfied with the outcome?

With visionary Neptune turning direct in your 7th House of Partnerships you could even more than before be attracting Neptunian types, meaning musical or artsy virtuosos. This is a very romantic transit you can easily get lost in.


Use the powerful Taurus full moon to complete a chapter of diving into deep intimacy and opening up. This potent moon falls into your 8th house of deep sexuality and shared resources. You might have been working on finding deep communication through sex. Most of the action, for you, was happening in the bedroom. It could also happen that you finally sorted out some of your unresolved finances, most likely it could have been somebody else’s money you had to return.

When a full Moon falls in the 8th house of money and debts, it is an excellent time to stop a certain behavior related to spending.

Use the intense super moon in your 8th house to find deep communication through sex. Most of the action, for you, will be happening in the bedroom. You’ll be feeling more sexual.

Neptune the planet of confusion, is turning direct in your 6th house of work and daily habits. You have been trying different diets and routines, but tended to get lost in them. Now you are going to go back into it and no longer are going to ignore bad habits.


There is an important full moon falling into Taurus your partnership sector. Scorpios tend to have very deep partnerships. Watch exactly what happens at this powerful super moon.

Full moons happen when the sun, our conscious self, is exactly opposite the moon, the unconscious. Full moons are so potent because the sun’s light brings out the dark and vice versa. You and your partner might take it a step further now, like moving in together or a relationship could also come to an end. If there has been unfinished business with somebody it could also be solved now. All signs tend to get over-emotional during a full moon, especially you and that is beautiful. Try to use your emotional vulnerability to heal your deepest wounds and those of who you love.

Mysterious Neptune is turning direct in your 5th house of true love, romance, and creativity. A new dreamy lover might enter your life now. Be careful not to idealize people you don’t know yet. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, meaning it can’t get more electrifying than this.


Thanks to the super moon in steady Taurus falling into your health sector, you’ll have full lunar support to reboot from any of this month’s overindulgences and bad habits. This moon transit is best for your overall health and bringing you back to basics regarding wellbeing and routine. You’re sure to get a refreshing lunar boost. Get sweaty in a workout class or solo.

Neptune, the planet of escapism, is turning direct in your 4th house. It could be that you are thinking to relocate and start a life in another country.



It’s going to be hard for anyone to live up to your energy. What a passionate season for you, sexy Cappy. With so much love in your stars and the magical fire in your eyes, an intense attraction might heat up… and fast. Your mojo is off the hook. You’ll be smiling all week.

An important creative project or romance is coming to fruition now.

Monday’s Taurus full moon will make you hear that gong bell of completion. The full moon is reminding you that there have to be endings in order for there to be new beginnings.

Neptune turning direct in your 3rd house of communication is making you much more sensitive when you talk to other people. It’s a time when your brain gathers bohemian ideas. This is one of the most creative periods a sign can have!


Aww, our so sweet Aquarius! This week is all about your mother. Go hang out with your mom at home. The 4th house is ruled by Cancer, the mother archetype, so cherish the time you spend with her. If you live far away from your family, make sure to call them on the phone or maybe send a bouquet to thank your mom for bringing you into this world. Use the lunar energy to chillax and tune into your home frequency — you need it. Nurture yourself, cook a nice meal, and only spend time with people you feel secure with. dedicate this week to spending time with the ones who know you the most. Just don’t drain yourself!

During this week’s potent super moon in Taurus, it could get a little intense at home and with your family. It could also be very likely, that you have recently updated your residential situation or are about to now. Full moons bring endings. The good news are:  a family matter could get resolved now! YAY!

Delusional Neptune has been in your 2nd House of finances for a while now. Money has been coming and going. It’s not that you terribly suffered, but it has not been the most stable situation you have been. Neptune is finally turning direct. Revise your situation and be more careful about spending. You are a sign that is simply more detached from money, which actually is a good thing, but life is life and you know that cash rules everything around you.


There’s magical lunar energy on its way to help you press restart.

Make sure to leave the house! You could be meeting a sweetie who lives directly in your hood.

It’s an excellent week to rise to the top of social media and gain thousands of new followers. The celestial bodies are on your side now. You want to show off and tell people about who you are, no shame. You could post a viral photo or publish some of your work, which you will definitely receive love and praise for. People might get totally obsessed about it. Show the world who’s the boss. Use the power of the potent super moon.

Your ruler, mystic Neptune, is turning direct, finally. You will be mainly working on your image. You might change your look completely. With Neptune on the tip of your chart, you have a certain mysteriousness to you. People are enchanted by you, there is a certain kind of magic which drives people crazy. Marilyn Monroe was born with Neptune in her first house, it can be so entrancing but also very dangerous. Neptune being the higher octave of Venus makes people fall hard for you. Lovers are just enchanted with you, even though they can’t figure you out.


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