WEEKLY HOROSCOPES: July 18-24, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.


Are you about to start a new job? You could feel that your recent position isn’t serving you any longer. Tuesday’s full moon falls in ambitious Capricorn, your 10th house of career and honors. Full moons often bring endings, but where there is an ending, there is a new beginning awaiting. Aries babies are extremely hardworking and when you have a goal in mind you will go all the way to achieve it. Your reputation is about to change. By the end of the week the hot Sun is moving into fellow fire sign Leo, making you more confident than ever. Whatever you want to be, you can be now. Leo’s little secret is: Fake it till you make it!

With a medley of planets in thrill seeking Leo, your 5th house of fun, pleasure and true love, maybe that is also why it is easier for you now to stop working for other people, because you are just like, fuck it, I want to live life to the fullest and most importantly have fun. YOLO!



Is a chapter of your spiritual journey coming to an end now or are you finishing education?

Full moons bring endings and lessons. What has been on your mind for the past six months. Are you satisfied with the outcome?

This is a more peaceful time for you, since three planets are chilling in your fourth house, your home sector. You feel like spending a lot of time with your family and having lovely dinners. Relax and refill your batteries, it’s been a hectic year so far. Coupled with fellow earth sign full Moon in Capricorn, there is a grounded energy in the air, just how you like it.

Even if there might be a few discussions with your family, don’t take it to personal. Reuniting with your siblings and parents can be sweet, but it can be intense sometimes. Use your creative mind to rearrange your apartment.



Use the powerful Capricorn full moon to complete a chapter of diving into deep intimacy and opening up.

This potent moon falls into your eighth house of deep sexuality and shared resources. Since the beginning of the year you might have been working on finding deep communication through sex. Most of the action, for you was happening in the bedroom. It could also happen that you finally sorted out some of your unresolved finances, most likely it could have been somebody else’s money you had to return.

This is a time to moan and purr, though. You’ll be feeling very talkative, thanks to the planetary leonic medley in your third house, which rules communication. You might find yourself receiving or sending out texts in the late hours of the night, so take it easy on the booze. Say what you mean and mean what you say. It is also still a favorable time to confess your feelings to your crush.

It is not only a favorable time for romantic outings, if you’re a writer you should get that extra creative boost, because when planets enter Leo the poet in you comes out. Sun + Venus +Mercury in Leo your third house of communication is so lucky for writers and to meet new inspiring souls in your hood. Leave the house and explore.


There is an important full moon falling into Capricorn your partnership sector. Cancers live for partnerships, and the moon is your ruler, so watch exactly what happens at this powerful moon.

Full moons happen when the sun, our conscious self, is exactly opposite the moon, the unconscious. Full moons are so potent, because the sun’s light brings out the dark and vice versa. You and your partner might take it a step further now, like moving in together or a relationship could also come to an end. If there has been unfinished business with somebody it could also be solved now. All signs tend to get over emotional during a full moon, especially you and that is beautiful. Try to use your emotional vulnerability to heal your deepest wounds and those of who you love.

With the Sun in Leo joining Venus and Mercury in your second house of money and income, the main topic for you will be money. You will be thinking a lot about your possessions, what you have what you need and what you don’t need to feel secure.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEXBOMB. On Friday, the shimmering bright sun enters your sign. You are the queen/king of the zodiac and everybody knows. This is party season. Leos like to celebrate in a grand way. They love to invite everybody and throw a royal feast. I feel very sorry for whoever doesn’t get invited, must mean they fucked up big time. You have full cosmic support from the Sun your ruler, which caresses us all, the center of our solar system, Venus the planet of love, beauty and good looks and last but not least clever Mercury which is making you flirtier than ever. Rawwwr. Let the good times roll, the lions won’t sleep at night. Leos are turned on by undivided attention and what better event is there than your birthday to receive all the attention you deserve?

Before the partying starts there will be a full Moon in practical Capricorn taking, which rules your sixth house of routine and health, bringing you back to basics regarding health and routine. This way you will be fully prepared to party hard for the whole month.


An important creative project or romance is coming to fruition now. Tuesday’s Capricorn full moon will make you hear that Gong bell of completion. Fellow Virgo Stephen King said: “You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start you will. Wise words from a wise man. Virgos are very critical and crazy perfectionists, that is why it takes them so long to accomplish things, sometimes. They are too strict with themselves. They never know when a project is quite finished. Virgos feel like they have to go on and fix things forever. Nobody’s perfect, so don’t worry too much.

The full moon in practical Capricorn is reminding you that there have to be endings in order for there to be new beginnings.

With the sun, Mercury and Venus in your mystic twelfth house it is so easy now to drift away. Beware of escapist tendencies. Be it Game of thrones or senseless repeatedly scrolling up and down on social media. Use this precious time for your own personal sexual discovery.

Try making solo sex a priority. Coupled with the magical lunar energy, make a goal to grow your solo sex repertoire. Learn to orgasm on your own. Learn what your body is hungry for.



During this week’s potent full moon in Capricorn, it could get a little intense at home and with your family. It could also be very likely, that you have recently updated your residential situation or are about to now. Full moons bring endings. The good news are: a family matter could get resolved now! YEY!

Either way, it is a perfect, highly sociable time to make friends in your new hood, since the sun is moving into your 11th house of friendships and groups, joining charming Venus and witty Mercury. Even though your emotional focus will be mainly at home and with your relatives, try to hit the bars and scene since you have excellent social skills right now and everybody wants to hang out with you. It is a favorable time to bump into VIPs. Work your charms, baby!



It’s an excellent week to rise to the top of social media and gain thousands of new followers. The celestial bodies are on your side now. The criss cross of the potent full moon in your third house of communication and the medley of planets in your tenth house of career and reputation are the perfect mix to become famous and respected.

You want to show off and tell people about who you are, no shame. You could post a viral photo or publish some of your work, which you will definitely receive love and praise for. People might get totally obsessed about it. Show the world who’s the boss.

Your coworkers might experience your more competitive side. Take care of your reputation and be clever and fair about the steps you decide to take, since your energy this week is more powerful than ever.



Your exotic ninth house is booming, how about a last minute trip to a foreign land?

You might meet a sexy foreigner now, thanks to love planet Venus and communicator Mercury moving into grand Leo your exotic 9th house of the higher mind, which traditionally is the house of Sagittarius. Your house, your rules, baby.  You are already pretty good at foreign languages, but if there is a language you always wanted to learn now you would have the best planetary support to do so. Flirting in different languages is always a useful tool, especially for you, having such a high interest in different cultures already. Looks like you’ll be having a hot summer romance, maybe more. With all these exotic planetary transits, you could be absorbing a whole new culture.

On Tuesday there is a powerful full moon falling into responsible Capricorn, your money sector.

If you spent way too much cash partying, Tuesday is the best time to review and understand how to start saving up again. You could create a new, successful financial plan. Kiss your bad habits goodbye.



This is an important week of accomplishments for you, my dear goat. Your moon cycle (emotional journey) which started at the new moon six months ago is coming to an end with Tuesday’s potent full moon in Capricorn. Full moons bring endings and completions. Capricorns usually succeed with their goals because they know exactly where they are going. Have a glass of champagne and celebrate how far you have come this year.

The full moon will be conjunct Pluto, lord of darkness, which has been touring your sign since 2008. Pluto is one of the most powerful celestial bodies that is able to transform us deep within our core.

The bright Sun will be moving into bighearted Leo, your eighth house of deep sexuality and shared resources, merging with love planet Venus and witty Mercury. Opening yourself up to new possibilities allows you to connect more deeply with your partner and your own desires.



Try not to indulge in alcohol or drugs during this week’s potent full moon in Capricorn, which falls into your 12th house of the unconscious. You will be much more sensitive to substances with the current lunar energy. Try and do something creative instead, as you might discover hidden talents. You are the genius of the zodiac. Don’t be afraid to stand out with your original ideas.

The 12th house basically rules secrets and things we repress and hide from even ourselves. A deep issue could get solved now. You need to find out for yourself what it is that has been blocking you. Meditation can be very helpful now.

The Sun moves into your opposite sign Leo, your 7th house of partnerships, illuminating relationships. If not coupled, now it could happen. All kinds of relationships should turn smoother now, since love goddess Venus and flirty Mercury are all swaying in your relationship sector. Sweet summer loving.



Full moons happen when the sun, our conscious self, is exactly opposite the moon, the unconscious. Full moons are so powerful, because the sun’s light brings out the dark and vice versa. Full moons bring endings as well as beginnings.

Tuesday’s Capricorn full moon falling in your eleventh house of friends, links you up with team players. You will be making those beneficial VIP contacts you’ve been longing for. It is vital for you to surround yourself with like minded people now.

Pisceans tend to overindulge sometimes, which is due to your sixth house of health and routine being ruled by Leo, meaning you fully live for the pleasures of life. Now it will be easier to be a good girl/boy, though, thanks to the powerful Sun, clever Mercury and beauty planet Venus transiting through your health sector. YES! Here comes your summer body. If you can try to tan a little, the sun will make you more energetic than ever during these planetary influences. #Blessed baby Pisces.



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