WEEKLY HOROSCOPES: Aug. 22-28, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.


This is a week for getting things done, Aries. We are getting to the end of summer and it is time to unpack from your travels, organize your life and maybe prepare to go back to school.

If you are back at the office, office affairs should run super smooth now. I bet your coworkers are admiring your sexy tan and getting real flirty, thanks to lovely Venus, the Sun and Jupiter in Virgo, your 6th house of work, health and daily routines.

It is also a great week to get back on track with your health.

Go green — enjoy and indulge in fresh fruits and get that last sunlight before fall starts. Refresh yourself.



Caught in a true romance? Welcome to the Pleasure zone. Your desire this week really increases. Anything can happen. Your love life should be booming, just make sure to leave the house, nobody will be able to resist the magnetism you are projecting at the moment, thanks to plenty of planets in Virgo your romantic 5th house of pleasure, creativity and true love.

It really is a fire fueled week filled with excitements. Bright ideas and creative energies swirl all around you and you’re able to accomplish much especially creatively. It’s as if your horns are antennas and you are in the right frequency to receive all kinds of inspiration.



Wow there are a whole lot of planets in Virgo your sister sign. You guys share the same awesome ruler Mercury, that means whenever there are planets in Virgo, Mercury is in the spotlight giving you that extra mental boost.

This week the focus though, will be at home. You will want to chill with your family and if there is any kind of discussion happening, you will be the peacemaker, thanks to the Sun/Venus/Jupiter super combo, which is making you more diplomatic than ever.  You are real good at giving advice to your family members right now, isn’t that nice?


The time has come to reach out to your fans, as the magical planets in witty Virgo are in your favor this week. Communication is on a high.

Do anything related to writing and publishing. You could become the queen of an internet platform. Use the Virgo energies to to get more detail oriented. Market yourself! There is a beautiful energy that allows things getting done. Get the recognition you deserve.



Shake your money maker, Leo ! There is no better time to get financially organized now. A bunch of planets have moved into Virgo highlighting the money making sector of your chart.

Mercury is the planet of the mind and you having clever Mercury on the cusp of the 2nd house which rules income and finances, means you have a genius money mind and ultra creative money making ideas. So all you got to do is just go for it and set those ideas into motion and you can buy whatever you desire.

If you apply your brilliant ideas wisely you can expect a rise with your moolah $$$ — anything you feel like getting accomplished this week should work out excellent thanks to the lovely efficient Virgo energies in the heavens.



Virgo is taking over the skies. Expect a confidence boost this week! It looks like Sofia Richie, a fellow Virgo and Justin Bieber’s new girlfriend, is having the best time of her life.

This year you’ll have an extra special golden birthday, thanks to Jupiter the planet of good luck. Whatever Jupiter touches gets enhanced, like a bigger than life energy. It’s been a huge year for you of inner and outer transformations. Appreciating your own ability to get things done and doing it well brought you much joy! Its hard to believe Jupiter is almost at the end of its tour, moving into your neighboring sign Libra next. Lucky for you in September, there will be a powerful solar eclipse happening in your sign. You started from the bottom now you’re here, especially after finally letting go of bad habits and past programming. This week promises to be a party! Let the Virgo season begin.


The bright Sun moves into Virgo, your sleepy 12th house of the unconscious. You are craving some quiet time before your time of your life journey begins! You may feel the need to put your head under covers and that is okay. In fact, you may not feel as social as usually.

Really use this time to recharge and be absolutely prepared for one of your best years yet (as soon as lucky Jupiter finally moves into Libra next month! à to stay for a whole year!)

If there are any unsolved issues that are dragging you down, dig deep and get to the heart of it. Balance your chakra. If you need help, simply ask for it – that’s the current Virgo energy motto.



…with a little help from my friends. You have full planetary support to meet with VIPs, secret societies and the cool gang. Your dreams are coming true.

It is time to merge with people who are high status achievers. You know that it is important with who you hang in order to achieve your dreams.

Maybe you’ll even meet somebody you can create a business with. Who will be part of your dream team?

Use these planetary energies, to empower yourself, not to manipulate others. Your goals are not a far off accomplishment. You are getting a lot of help from your friends right now and they of course are receiving the same support from you.


Oh my lord, this is a huge career week/month for you, dear Sagittarius. There is a planetary power medley currently dancing in, Virgo, your 10th house of career and reputation. Maybe you’ll receive some kind of prime offer online. Open your eyes and ears and make sure people know that you’re the shit. Work towards your dreams, harness every possibility that you can. The planetary energies of 2016 in general, are bringing a serious push to your career and ambitions.

Believe in yourself and keep hustling in order to create a more fulfilled life.

Stay open minded, anything can happen now!



Now is an excellent time for last minute travel. You deserve a special getaway!

Take a break, holiday or if you can’t get away, maybe learn a new language or dive into a little Astrology, just to give you more faith.

Discover a healthier happier you by opening up your mind and creating new philosophies to live by. Explore your options, you have got plenty!

Go wanderlust–ing  to awaken your true purpose.

Fiery Mars is back in your 12th house stirring up your unconscious. Instead of being passive aggressive use this precious time to open up your hidden treasure box.



This week the universe wants you to focus your mind and body on sexual healing. This is due to a planetary steamy medley in Virgo transiting through your 8th house of deep sexuality. On another note you could also be lucky with inheritances and other people’s money. It is the best erotic time, though, for you and your lover. Aquarians who have witty planet Mercury on the 8th house cusp are naturally quite turned on by dirty talk. Try it if you haven’t yet. With Virgo ruling your 8th house of deep sexuality, people might think you are innocent, which is not true at all. Behind closed doors your kinky side emerges, you water bearing vixen.


This week is mainly a positive one. The bright Sun is moving into your polar opposite Virgo, joining a feast of planets in your 7th house of partnerships. Happy ever after?

You are this week’s dream lover. If you are seeing something you two could be making your bond official now.

Summer is coming to an end and the real good time start once the weather becomes colder à meaning movie nights, cozy home cooked meals and a whole lot of cuddling. Super sweet.

Who would have thought that fboy Justin Bieber would settle with Sofia Richie, a Virgo, and become so balanced and stable suddenly? It totally makes sense, because opposites attract and are able to balance each other out.

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