Ways to Stay Looking Hot in the Heat: Hair, Face, Body

Ah, the dog days of summer! It’s humid and it’s heavy but you can still be your fabulous self!

Hair, Check!
Firstly, and probably most important is hair. Hair in the summertime becomes wildly unmanageable and lack luster. We find it sexy and oh so chic to let you hair ‘do its thang’ and be free and wild. Those beachy waves couldn’t get better. With all of the salt, sun, and chlorine your hair endures over the summer this is also a great way to give it a break from all of the heat styling. Shower in the PM and braid your hair damp, when you awake from your slumber you hair will have pretty flowing waves.
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Skin, Check! Getting your makeup right in the summer is not an easy task! Here at Galore, we love BB Creams and H20 based foundations. These types of foundations glide on super smooth and are incredibly lightweight. It only makes sense when it is 99 degrees out. We got 99 problems but our skin aint one! They give a slightly lighter coverage so you may want to implement some spot concealer.

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Hot Bod, Check, Check! This summer the Galore Team is loving flowy backless tops that make you look absolutely gorgeous and you can stay super cool! We love to dress up any outfit with body jewelry and body chains. They are subtle and gorgeous. Welcome August, be good to us!

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