Watch Grunge Pop Princess Alana’s Video for “Black Magic”

It’s no secret that the 90s are back. And one of our fave types of music is 90s chick rock that famously talented ladies like Courtney Love and Shirley Manson have pioneered: girls with amazing style and amazing talent, who are effortlessly badass — and new grunge pop princess Alana falls right into line.

Alana finds solace in being the odd girl out. She was the cheerleader who wore metal band T-shirts over her uniform in high school, after all. Which is why it should be no surprise that she used to be in a metal band called Winds of Plague, before venturing out into the new world of pop with her new single, “Black Magic.”

Her new music is more pop-inspired. She even admits to being obsessed with Britney Spears, but still has an edge of course. Let our love for 90s grunge rock style and need for pop-princess vibes be answered in Alana’s music. Her video for “Black Magic” was inspired by the cult 90s mean-girls-gone-goth film, “The Craft,” for which Alana reveals that Badass (and slightly scary ass?) character Nancy, is her “spirit animal.”

Let it be known that no one is a slave to genre, or labels — at least according to Alana. Check out our Q&A with our new favorite grunge pop princess, and her video for “Black Magic” now!


How did you realize you could make music originally?

Well, since I was really young I was fascinated with music; whether it was being in a band or being an artist. From my family making me sing “Silent Night” in 3 different languages every Christmas to teaching myself “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” on piano by ear when I was like 9, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I grew up on piano, voice and guitar lessons in a very non-musical family. I found enjoyment in always being the odd one out. So, I was kicked out of my local band when I was a young teen and instead of it bringing me down, it drove me to keep creating. I was writing over anyone’s music I could find online just to practice songwriting (I’d even send it to them thinking it would be my big break haha). It was then I completely fell in love with expressing my emotions through an instrument and my voice.

Is it true you were in a deathcore/metal band? What inspired you to get into that type of music?

Yes, actually this is true. Remember the odd one out statement in the question above? It’s coming back! I grew a liking to this music because not a lot of people liked the heavy riffs and screaming all of the time.  Anything “strange” and unusual just fascinated me. I mean.. I was a cheerleader who wore her ripped up black metal band t-shirt over her uniform on game days.

Your new sound is very pop and girly – what inspired the change from the previous?

I. <3 . POP. MUSIC. Everything about what I’m creating feels so, so right to me. I’ve toured with my band, put out records and have met some amazing people but I truly wanted to create what I loved to do most and that is sing. Being able to have so many different musical styles in my life really molded me to what I make right now. I know they seem in no way related but I feel like this fully represents me because I can combine my dark melodies and love for pop music all in one place.

What are some of your present day influences?

Britney Spears… all day. I love a majority of 90s artists. Throwing it back even more- Billy Idol was a big influence on my musical ear growing up. Currently I admire Grimes and her ability to make something so raw, so marketable to the ears and eyes.  I also love vulnerable artists, like Lana Del Rey. TATU was a pretty big inspo for Black Magic.

We’ve heard that the movie “The Craft” inspired your music video for “Black Magic” – is that one of your favorite movies? And do you remember the first time you saw it?

Yes. The style in “The Craft” is literally…everything. I technically first saw The Craft when my older sister was babysitting me and I was supposed to be asleep but I snuck out and hid in the other room while her and her friends watched it. After that, I didn’t re-watch it properly until I was about 15 with some of my friends. haha

Do you have any favorite quotes or moments from the movie?

Oh man, when they get off that bus… and the bus driver is like “better watch out for those weirdos”. Nancy, being the badass that she is, just casually speaks “We are the weirdos, mister.” She is my spirit animal.

Does fashion influence your music in any way?

Absolutely. The 90s have always had a soft spot with me. Denim, chokers, crystals, flannels, boots, fun hair… the whole 9 yards. I like to try to put a modern twist on it though in my own weird way.

Do you feel there is pressure for female musicians to wear less and portray a very sexy image?

Honestly, as of right now I don’t. I love that artists are embracing who they are (Meghan Trainor, Alicia Keys) To me, the sexier you are the less appealing as an artist you are. You have to have that perfect mix of “cool” and “sexy”. Plus, music should speak for itself! But that is just my opinion.

Do you think it’s easier to be an artist in the day and age of digital music and Spotify? Do you think it’s harder to connect with people in terms of getting the music out there?

I think that it is easier to get your music heard but it is harder to connect with a cult fan base. There are so many new artists that do have the ability to be heard thanks to the internet and all of its glorious outlets. Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave room for a lot of artists to “stick.”

What kind of fans are you hoping to connect with with your new sound and music?

I really hope to connect with fans from all sides of the spectrum. I am a firm believer that music is good no matter what genre, as long as it can express a real emotion and make you sing along. I’d love to connect with fans who have a hard time discovering themselves or fans that are afraid to express themselves because they are afraid. I’d hope my story could help.

When can we expect to hear a full album from you?

It is currently in the works. I am so proud of the songs so I can’t wait to get it out to you guys!

What’s next for you? Is there an upcoming tour?

Be on the lookout for another music video and EP soon.

Where can we find out more about you? Social media links?

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