#WakeUpCall: The New Awareness Campaign Sweeping Social Media

Following on the legs of the phenomenal Ice Bucket challenge comes the next big awareness campaign sweeping the celebrity social media feeds. Enter #WakeUpCall, a campaign by Unicef to raise money and awareness for refugee children in Syria. The idea is to post a picture of yourself as soon as you wake up along with the hashtag WakeUpCall. Unsurprisingly the celebrities look just as perfect first thing in the morning as they do every other minute of the day. Check out some of these lovely, charitable snaps and feel free to post your own!

British comedian Stephen Fry commented on his snap “I warn you, look away now.”

Model Daisy Lowe looks flawless first thing in the morning.

Model Laura Bailey mussed up, just out of bed.

Model Kelly Brook doesn’t even need makeup.

Tom Hiddleston as sexy as ever.

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