Violet Overn Channels A Painfully Real Prom Queen for ‘Mile Stone’ Art Series

Violet Overn was inspired by Sally Field’s Oscar acceptance speech — “You like me! You really like me!” she famously exclaims in her triumphant moment — to create “Mile Stone,” a photo series that aims to capture how girls feel inside, instead of focusing on moments created for the camera.

“My work reflects the idea of tainting memories to be what they sometimes are not, to color them in only the parts we want to remember,” Violet explains. “I’m interested in exploring how we remember our past.”

Violet took all of the photos, set up as “purposeful portraits from events,” by herself, with her iPhone. The household props she used were all important as well; even the milk she spits out in her “Sweet Sixteen” photo is reminiscent of the moments that are supposed to feel important, but are just uncomfortable.

“Through capturing the woman archetype, I’m revealing the ridiculousness of how much we focus on a woman’s looks and what, as women, we are supposed to aspire to and achieve in our lives,” she said.

She spoke to GaloreTV about “Mile Stone” so check out the photo series, and watch her interview below.

Made of Honor

Prom Queen

Sweet Sixteen

Thank You So Much

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