Violet Chachki & Gottmik Spill On Season 3 of “No Gorge”

Queens, Violet Chachki & Gottmik, give us an exclusive interview you’re gonna want to read. The Dragrace contestants are back with Season 3 of their hit Podcast, No Gorge, where they spill the tea on all things Fashion, Industry Gossip, Boys, Love, and more. This Season the Duo is bringing first-time guests on the show, Dropping New Merch, and More! Read our Exclusive Interview Below, and watch No Gorge HERE.

Interviewed by: William Camp @_buddhadoll

Photo edit: Perry Johnson @editsbyperry | Image Courtesy of No Gorge

Featured Interview:

2023 has been amazing to you both from performing at the Grammys with Sam Smith and Kim Petras, walking for BOSS in Miami, and doing your podcast – what have been some of your favorite moments this year? 

Violet: I definitely think performing at the Grammys was a great start to the year, it was so much fun to get ready for and to do it together at that. We walked the British Vogue x Luisaviaroma Fashion Show in Florence, Italy and that was so much fun to do that also together was the cherry on top. 

Gottmik: All those things you mentioned are definitely some of my highlights from the year also. Kim Petras and I were talking the other day that we both sort of came up in the industry together at the same time, how hard we’ve worked and how crazy this journey has been, so being able to stick with the people you know and love and see everything come into fruition is so fun – like Violet was saying doing this with your best friend is just so insane and is like a one in a million chance.  

Your Podcast No Gorge is Iconic in its own nature – how’d you two approach Season 3 as opposed to last and what can fans expect? 

Gottmik: I feel like when we first started the podcast, we got along so well and laughed so much and was like we should just do this. We approached Season 1 not really knowing how this would work, we just went for it, but for Season 2 we tried to follow the normal podcast rules and tried to get into it with podcast companies and we sort of got lost in an industry that we didn’t know, for a second it felt not fun but for our new season, we took back control over what we want to put out into the world. We know what we’re doing more now and want to just have fun with it, cause drama, and stir it up. 

Violet: It’s basically about elevating what we’re doing, having these check-ins, talking to each other, and stepping it up. Seasons 1 & 2 were kind of janky in my opinion, In 3 we’ve really stepped it up and this week we are having our first guest come on the show and it’s gonna be way more elevated. We have a lot to say, almost too much, we have like a running list of topics that we just keep adding to – there’s just so much more to come. It’s gonna be gorgeous. 

Gottmik: Yass! Fashion, Drama, Boys, Shopping!! 

Screengrab from Season 3 Premiere, Watch HERE.

Gottmik – You’re such a talented makeup artist, how has your relationship with makeup evolved over the years from doing it on yourself to making money doing it? 

Over the course of years, my relationship with makeup and beauty has changed so much like because being a makeup artist you’re there to bring out the best of another artist and show them their best features and really bring it out of them and follow other people’s direction, it was rare that I got to execute what I fully wanted to do – like I had to fight for that at shoots. Now doing drag in front of the camera, I get to execute what I want to do and do my ideas but I do miss that fun element of working with other artists and definitely want to get back into doing that next year. 

Violet – You truly transform in front of the camera, having covered Vogue CS and two Galore covers – How has modeling for you evolved over the years? Have you learned any tricks along the way? 

I’ve done a lot of work in the Fashion world, editorials, and even Runway – I don’t really consider myself a “model”, I’m usually hired as a “special casting”, it’s even difficult to just get cast, but even with that being said, sometimes I feel like I turn out better than the actual models that are cast to walk, that’s why I’m hired – right? To bring this specific energy that I bring, my own character, my own vibe, and whoever casting the show is looking for that. I deliver what’s best for my character, really strong, feminine, powerful energy.

Tips and tricks – Honey, do you. Be fierce, it’s really simple you have to know your body. Another tip is to know where your light is, in any situation know your light source. 

Question for both: Fans aren’t knowledgeable about what goes into producing and self-funding projects. What is some business advice that has helped you get to where you are now? 

Violet: I think Mik would agree with this but in our experience, if you want to do the art – you just do the art, there’s no magic button you just have to stumble through it. 

Gottmik: Yeah, I mean you definitely just have to do it of course, you have to commit that if you really want your vision it’s not going to be spoon-fed to you, you have to fight for it. With a little self-funding and a little prep work, you can’t rely on other people to do these things for you. 

Violet: Also – the work doesn’t stop. People are like “Oh it’s handed to you” and I’m like “No” I’m perpetually having to find it and seek it out and grab it. Even with DragRace, it never ends the real work begins after the show. 

Question for both: What does self-care look like for you? 

Gottmik: My form of self-care is having a routine, I notice I am the happiest person when my schedule is there for me to see. I have a hectic schedule, my brain gets crazy so it’s good to be organized. 

Violet: I went to the Gym today and it’s like super therapeutic for me. 

(we agree!)

Gottmik: Violet is also a massage whore *laughter* he’ll find any reason to get one – literally, anywhere! 

Violet: I will say it’s rare for me to find a massage that does the trick, I’ve probably had like 3 massages that I can remember in my life that worked. It’s a never-ending battle over here, sometimes I think I’m self-cared up and on top of it, and sometimes it’s the total opposite. 

Gottmik – Congratulations on your book, The T Guide, with Gigi Gorgeous – how’d you feel once the book was finally out? 

Gottmik: Thank you so much, it’s the craziest thing ever I have it on this table as I walk into my house and I will literally look at it and be like “I can’t believe we did that”. While I was still on Drag Race, I was approached about writing a book, I was like this could be so cool like this trans story and then Gigi came into the picture. I was like I’m 25 – what am I gonna right about, my life? I haven’t even lived my life yet, So Gigi and I got together and created a how-to guide of our personal experiences from both sides of the spectrum. This is my Dream Book, I wish I had this when I was younger, I can’t believe I got to write something like that. I hooked up with this guy and was like you need a copy of my book. Period. 

Violet: You purchased your house this year – congratulations on that! That’s major, how was choosing the perfect space to call home for you, and are you doing any fun DIY projects? 

Violet: I know, I can’t believe it! It still continues to be difficult for me, especially in L.A. It’s not easy, I want to make that very clear to everyone. Me and Mik were talking about this but I don’t know if Home ownership is for everyone – I’m still learning so much about what it all involves, it’s like a full-time job you know. I feel like I’m an innkeeper or managing a hotel but it’s really my house, I’m so grateful and lucky it’s been such a goal of mine to do this for like 8 years. 

It’s a slow process, I get to be creative in like a new way which I think is the most exciting for me. I’m really into interior design and that’s really how I got started getting into aesthetics in general by watching HGTV with my mom growing up. No DIY projects just yet, but I’ll be doing that in the coming weeks, I’m trying to break it down room by room and ease into it. I’ve used AI to render mood boards and different spaces. 

Question for both: Do you have a favorite fragrance at the moment? 

Gottmik: I was actually just talking about how embarrassing because it literally went viral for being a douchebag scent but Dior’s Savage – I’m literally obsessed with it, I think I smell so good when I wear it. When I’m dressed in Drag I love those Ariana Grande Mod Perfumes – Blush and Vanilla, those are like my girl ones they remind me of those Britney Spears perfumes. 

Violet: I love Tom Fords, I just bought one from an Outlet and they’re super sexy. 

Question for both: How is your creativity disrupting the culture?

Gottmik: I think our Podcast is different because we both have very similar viewpoints on things, so we like to get to talk about normal podcast things they talk about best friends but we also have like full careers, full lives that are insane, and the fact that we get to share those together and go on the podcast and talk about those pinch me moments. 

Violet: Exactly what you said, I think that our lives are so unique and different, there’s not a strict format that we follow – we just do what we want and live the craziest lives. We experienced so much together, like we just had a gig the other night that was crazy and I can’t wait to get on the podcast and talk about like where we mixed up THC and CBD at this event. *laughs* 

Gottmik: I can’t even – we can talk about this all day on the pod. 

Violet: It was crazy, we get into so many adventures together, and it’s fun just to recap them, it’s like therapeutic for me. 

Gottmik: Yeah, I mean we’ve been through so much personal stuff in our lives, there like very unique stories and perspectives on the industry so it’s like us coming together and talking it is like a very unique and wild ride if you will. 

Team Credits:

Interviewed by: William Camp @_buddhadoll

Edited by: Perry Johnson @editsbyperry

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