Victoria’s Secret Will Stop Selling Its Incredible Boob-Boosting Bikinis

Today in terrible news, Victoria’s Secret is reportedly over and done with the bikini business.

The brand will apparently try to sell through its inventory for the year and not replace it, according to a report from BuzzFeed News. For what it’s worth, VS hasn’t officially announced the plans, but BuzzFeed has confirmed it with two sources inside the company.

After their swimwear inventory is dunzo, VS will replace it with activewear — kind of a weird move, since the activewear market seems pretty saturated as it is. But sales of swimsuits were down last year and the company is in the process of laying off 200 people, so something’s gotta give.

This is truly sad news for anyone who’s turned heads in a cleavage-enhancing little VS bikini before. A good bathing suit is hard to find, and Victoria’s Secret tops have a way of boosting your boobs without looking padded or lingerie-like.

So if you love their swimwear, stock up now. Or maybe get a petition going to ask VS to change its mind? That’s what those are for, right?

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