Veronica Dunne gets real about that Disney star life

Veronica Dunne slays.

Not only does she star on the Disney show KC Undercover alongside Zendaya, she’s got serious style chops. She sat down to chat with us about her love for musical theatre, gives advice for aspiring actresses, and talks her style icons.

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Where are you from? Has that influenced who you are?

Born and raised in Malibu CA. I grew up in the middle of a national park, so it definitely influenced my love of nature and the beach.

How are you similar/different to your character on KC Undercover?

Marisa is the life of the party and has a really incredible love for life and adventure, and I relate to that. What differentiates us is probably my love of reading – I don’t think Marisa has ever or would ever read a book in her life. I also think I’m a bit more of a home-body than she is.

What is your favorite part of being a part of the KC Undercover cast? 

The people. This cast is beyond incredible, and we have become such a close family. I am so lucky to get to work with some of my best friends every day.

Are you grateful for the platform Disney has given you?

Very grateful. The Disney platform is a wonderful launching pad. Not only is it an immense amount of exposure, but also an opportunity to influence kids and young adults, which is a beautiful responsibility to have.

You’re big into musical theatre, do you see yourself ever going into recorded music?

Anything is possible, if the opportunity presented itself with the right people I would be interested, but I’m definitely focused on TV/Film and Theater.

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What is your dream role? 

Glinda in Wicked has always been a role I resonated with and would love to play.

Do you have any tips for young girls wanting to act?

This industry can be beyond difficult, it can wear you down and tear you apart very quickly. You have to be strong and have thick skin. My biggest piece of advice would be to believe in yourself and your talent. Also know that everything happens for a reason, because when one door closes another will open.

Who are some of your style icons?

Kate Moss, Edie Sedgwick, Marilyn Monroe.

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