If there’s one thing everyone should know about Gen-Z, they aren’t scared to stand up for what they feel is right. Ve’ondre Mitchell took her huge platform and has done just that. As we live in a time where politics are testy and everyone is on edge, LGBTQ+ advocates like Ve’ondre do their best to represent the change they want to see in the world. I got the chance to chat with Ve’ondre on the trans experience, fashion, music, beauty and a deeper look into her world!  


You’ve spoken about how accepting your family was when you came out to them about being trans and a part of the LGBTQ+ community but we know this isn’t the case for many people in your community. What advice do you have for anyone struggling with being accepted by those closest to them?  

Often it can take time for family to be accepting, but don’t let that stop you from creating your own chosen family. There are so many people out there that will love you unconditionally like family should, especially within our own community. I’ve found so much love from my sisters in the Trans community that I talk to everyday about experiences we relate to.

Talk to us about gender identity and how the lack of education on this subject is harmful to those affected by it.  

Trans people have always been around, but due to forgotten history, the past has been doomed to repeat itself. Just in 2016, we were facing enforcement of anti-queer bathroom bill legislation. People want to erase us. People in office are so focused on taking down Trans people because we are a marginalized community – it’s easy to pick on people whose history has been erased especially when it’s taboo for them to exist. The lack of education can lead to people to have confused feelings about Trans people that quickly turns to anger and danger for the Trans community as a whole. When our stories are heard and we are visible (and continue to be) we will be accepted. 

With over 8 million supporters on TikTok, you’ve never shied away from expressing yourself on social media. How did your journey as an advocate and content creator start? When did you realize people cared about what you had to say?

Being an advocate was important to me even before starting on social media. My family had always given me a space to feel free to express myself, and I looked at the internet as another similar place. Before I got online, the Trans community seemed pretty small to me. As I continued to share the Trans experience on social media, I found a community that I could relate to – and they found me, my dolls of course! That was motivating to continue being loud and unapologetic about the experiences I go through as a Trans woman everyday. I’m excited to also now continue my activism through music. 

You’ve spoken about how you came out to your mom and 7 years old and had been transitioning ever since. What were ways you discovered your personal style during this transition period?  

I’ve always been ultra hyper fem through fashion, but my transition was gradual just like finding my style was. I dipped my toes into expressing myself through things that I felt feminine in. I started off with nail polish and accessories. I remember coming home feeling so paranoid about the opinions of others.

Over time, my confidence continued to build the more I experimented. Soon enough, I was THE ultra fem diva I always dreamt to be. I was so extra and I didn’t care what anyone had to say – while I was wearing tutus, tall Converse shoes, girly cartoons on my shirts, and just dressing like a doll. I realized I was more happy being myself than caring about what other people had to say about me. I lived through the dolls I played with growing up, until I became one!

For anyone dealing with bullying and self-acceptance, what are some ways they can work through this? Did you use any resources throughout the years to help you during difficult times?

People hate on you because they hate themselves. People also hate on those they secretly see themselves in because they wanna be you! They WISH they didn’t live with their own self hatred. Listen to your intuition when it comes to expressing yourself. Being you is worth the happiness and joy that comes out from it.

Black & Latino trans people are disproportionately marginalized, harmed and victimized. What work have you done in your community to help combat this?  

I combat the hate towards my community by showing up. I show up by being loud about my experience. I face intersexual hate being Black, Latina and Trans and I’m vulnerable about the experiences I go through every day in hopes that someone can relate to them or learn from me. I combat what I’m marginalized for by existing. The more I’m outspoken, the more it becomes comfortable for us to exist.

A few years ago, you were honored by GLAAD on their 20 under 20 list alongside huge LGBTQ+ influencers who are accelerating acceptance of people in your community while shaping the future of media and activism. Take us back to this time and talk about what this accomplishment means to you and did for your career.

I was a Trans kid talking about her experience existing in a small town while sharing to millions to see online, so many invalidated the truth of my Trans youth because of my age. It felt amazing being recognized by an organization like GLAAD because it made people take me more seriously and provided new opportunities. I’ll forever be grateful for that platform they gave to me and my community.

Your fashion style gives a Y2K Bratz doll mixed with your own unique twist. What are some of your current favorite fashion trends and brands?  

I’m very inspired by scene fashion – drag queens and maximalism that lives within the 2000s. I love to layer funky patterns together and the concept of looking interesting. I love breaking gender stereotypes through fashion. So what if I’m too masculine or feminine? I DON’T CARE! I shop from everywhere and anywhere that has the look.

I consistently purchase from IAMGIA, small designers like aliltoomuch and Stellaxingyi, and I love shopping at flea markets for one of a kind pieces. I like to bring my alter ego alive through my music and a big part of that is expressing myself unapologetically primarily through fashion! I strive to look like a cartoon character.

You’re featured on Aliyah’s Interlude’s “It Girl” remix to one of the biggest viral songs right now. How did this collaboration come about? Who else would you love to collaborate with in the future?  

The collaboration was actually born through an open verse fan contest! I wanted to raise awareness around being unapologetically Trans through music and that’s what I strived to do in this feature. I chanted the word tranny – taking back what people call me daily.

I never thought I would get into music this quickly, but it was always an important goal for me as I’ve been musical all my life. I realized if I don’t make music now… then when? I went for it and my dreams came true! After seeing the success of the feature, I’m excited to launch my own music career talking more about the Trans experience.

You’re working on a project of your own right now. Can you talk to us about what we can expect and your vision for this project?

I don’t wanna give too much away, but look forward to hearing creativity from a Trans woman directly. Our culture is ripped off constantly. We’re so often behind-the-scenes, but I’m excited to represent the creativity that comes from Black and Latina women directly. I will say, I’m ready to feed the children!

You’ve had brand partnerships with Dove, Urban Decay, Instagram and Tinder just to name a few. What is your dream brand collabs?

I would love to break into the fashion world – Marc Jacobs, Mowalola, and Mugler are just a few brands that I would love to walk for and be a part of their campaigns! Nike has always been a dream brand for me, especially as a Trans person that relies on being active to stay healthy. I would also love to work with LaRoche-Posay since recently, I was experiencing hormone imbalances that made my skin break out so bad, but their Gentle Facial Cleanser and Moisturizer cleared it up completely!

How will you be celebrating Pride Month this year?

Performing new music coming soon, walking in parades, being with my family, and soaking in the appreciation we often do not receive! 

What’s your must-have beauty products?

Lush body spray, Dove’s spray on deodorant, Vaseline for everything and Neutrogena wipes cause I can be lazy!

What’s next for Ve’ondre Mitchell? Anything that you can share exclusively with Galore readers? 

A whole music career and a message that needs to be heard! 


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