Unlock Secret Subcategories On Netflix With These Cheat Codes

So, I think we can all agree that Netflix has a limited variety of movies and TV shows to choose from. And aside from Stranger Things and The Get Down, we’ve probs all watched the same shows over and over again.

Well, let’s just say we’ve found a solution that’s going to make your “Netflix & chill” experience a little more interesting. Whether you’re in the mood for cult classics or tearjerkers, “Netflix Secret Codes,” which unlocks numerous specific subcategories, has it all.

First, you find which genre you’d like to watch on the cheat sheet (link below). Then once you have your code (for example, “French movies” is 4447), you’ll insert it at the end of this link:


Now, you and your boo can “chill” with more of a selection. Click HERE for your official Netflix cheat sheet!

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