How an Unknown Fashion Brand Got 4 Million Followers on Instagram

Fashion Nova, a California-based clothing brand loved by celebs, it-girls, and basically everyone, reached 4 million Instagram followers in just two years.

Last year, Richard Saghian – Founder of Fashion Nova – started posting pictures of the best-selling items in the physical stores to the brand’s social media accounts, specifically Instagram. “We were getting ten thousand followers a day,” he told me.

When an email with the subject line, “We Did It!! 4 MILLION Instagram Followers” reached my inbox April 5th, I knew Fashion Nova’s body-conscious garments weren’t just a trend, but something women have always wanted and desired.

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Headquartered in a 180,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles, the startup fashion company is the most popular online destination for affordable, Made in the USA, celebrity-inspired outfits that speak to a sexy female audience. With several physical stores located in strip malls around Southern California, Fashion Nova’s online store attracts customers from all over the globe.

We chatted with Fashion Nova about working with “Nova Babes,” aka the brand’s ambassadors, which styles are best sellers this month, and why women keep coming back for more bodycon clothes.

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Galore: Tell me about the brand’s beginning. How many people are behind this operation?

Fashion Nova: We started at just 10 employees in our corporate office. Today, we have over 200 employees. Our team is growing fast, and it’s crazy to see how popular the brand has become online.

Describe the “Nova Babe.”

Fashion Nova: She is confident and sexy.

Who are your favorite nova babes?

Fashion Nova: We have so many! WWE Diva Natalie Eva Marie, VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Cast Member Nikki Baby, and Blac Chyna.

What are your best selling items this month with everyone shopping for music festivals?

Fashion Nova: Our Method Madness Shorts and Spring Break Sunglasses are best sellers this month.

What’s your most liked photo on IG?

Fashion Nova: The Kylie Jenner and Stassi Baby photo.

Which Item Is Always Sold Out?

Fashion Nova: Our Glistening Jeans

What does the Fashion Nova headquarters look like after work hours?

Fashion Nova: We do a lot of events! We do Yoga on Fridays, ice cream luncheons, and lots of happy hours.

Are you excited about anything going on with the brand right now?

Fashion Nova: We just started a Snapchat!

Is it lit?

Fashion Nova: Yes, so lit. We have employee outfits of the day and everyone’s in head-to-toe Fashion Nova. We bring it when it comes to office style.

Tell me more about this employee outfit of the day. Do people really come to work serving?

Fashion Nova: Yes! Everyone who works at Fashion Nova loves the brand. The culture is just super creative and fun.

What’s so special about your Instagram?

Fashion Nova: We just reached 4 million dedicated and highly engaged followers. We’re super proud of that. When we started our Instagram page a year or so ago, we were averaging ten thousand followers a day. All these influencers were buying and tagging us in their pictures on Instagram. That’s when we started going viral.

How do you keep up with a large audience like that?

Fashion Nova: We love our Instagram page because that’s how we talk to our customers. We are constantly on it. We post every thirty minutes. No comment, tag, or like goes unnoticed. We comment and repost everything. We talk to every single one of our customers and that’s something we are proud of.

Why do you think women are so obsessed with the clothes?

Fashion Nova: The days of wearing one pair of jeans are behind us. Every day a Nova Babe can wear a different denim and it’s affordable. Plus, we manufacture our denim in our own factory in California.

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