Ummm Why Do I Have Gray Hairs in My 20s?

I’m a big fan of parting my hair down the middle to make me more attractive, like a Kardashian.

The problem: a while ago I started to get gray/silver strands of hair popping up in the middle of my head. These gray hairs would stand out when I parted my hair and there was no way of hiding them.

Tracy Keen, a trichologist who studies disorders of the hair and scalp, answered some questions about getting gray hairs in your 20s. And remember, whether you go full-gray like an influencer, keep your mini-streaks intact, or banish them with dye, always rock your look like the future MILF, cougar, or silver fox-catcher you are.

Why do people get gray hair?

Mostly it is in their Genes. Melanocytes present in the hair bulb at the apex of the dermal papilla. This produces two types of melanin pigment eumelanin, which is responsible for black and brown, and pheomelanin produces auburn and blonde. These two colors are controlled by your DNA type and gene type.

What’s the best solution to dealing with grey hairs in your 20s? Should you pluck them?

Do not pluck out graying/white hair, as you will induce the growth of a new one. Coloring is the best solution.

There are many products out there that can cover up grey spots without having to re-dye your whole head. Look out for the cover grey sticks you can find in drug stores. These have a wand that can quickly go over the areas in your hair which will save you so much more money compared to going to a salon.

Does stress cause you to have more grey hairs?

No. Overnight grey is normally induced by an auto-immune disorder, which is the body’s immune system attacking a healthy cell. So don’t worry. Stressing out that you have grey hairs will not lead to you getting any more.

Does the way you take care of your health and body affect whether you get them?

Eating well will always be good for your health, but I have not seen any evidence of gray hair due to poor health. Hair thinning or hair loss can be [the result of] a poor diet.

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