Trisha LaFache Tells Us Whether ‘God Is Dead’

Trisha LaFache has been in everything from “Garden State” to “Law and Order.” But since in her next movie, a sequel called “God Is Not Dead 2” starring Melissa Joan Hart, she plays a reporter, we decided to flip the script and ask her some questions.

What’s your go-to hair secret?

My hair is a full time job. It’s thick, and wavy and there is a lot of it. My go-to secret is friendship. One of my best friends is a stylist and she comes over to give me a blow out at least once a week. When she noticed I didn’t have a blower she said, “how do you do your hair?” I said, “YOU. You nut job, don’t you see yourself over here once or twice a week?!” You gotta start with a good blow out.
What beauty product can’t you live without?
Really? Just one? Okay. Shiseido eyelash curler. Curled eyelashes change the game.
What’s your drugstore beauty secret?
I think my body lotions. I love Palmer’s Cocoa Butter & CeraVe.
What’s the most expensive thing in your beauty or hair roster? Is it worth the price?
I would have to say any of my SK-II products, but the product that I can’t live without and spend WAY too much money on is SkinCeuticals CE Serum. I burn through my bottles like whoa. It’s worth the price because it makes my skin glow.
What spring trend are you obsessed with right now and why?
I think I would say the Vintage Redux. Because I love anything rare and old feeling. Plus most of the vintage silhouettes flatter my body type, (except 70s which is a bummer). I love that the stuff on the runway had history and strong nods to the past but it was also modern and not just a literal translation. I think there is space for that, just not on a runway. That being said, I am NOT a trend person. You will not see me in silk pajamas a la Hugh Hefner ANY time soon.
What style rule will you always follow?

ALWAYS dress for your body type. No exceptions. Resist being sucked into the trends because they are there just to give you an excuse to shop and who needs an excuse to shop?! For example, I love 90s grunge and Courtney Love’s style, but on me a slip dress looks gauche, I’m too curvy. Any time there is too much skin showing for me it’s not a good look. All about the silhouette.

What’s it like working on a sequel compared to the original?
The bed in the hotel was more comfortable… Kidding. It was very different in every aspect. We had a bit more time, a larger crew and cast. But what’s more important to me was what was the same. I adore working with the director Harry Cronk and so in that regard it was easy and fun like the first one.  Or maybe it was just that I had to cry WAY less in this one that made it feel easy.
Did you watch Clarissa Explains It All? Is Melissa Joan Hart like that IRL?
Question 1: Sure did. Question 2: Sure is. She is sarcastic and funny and a straight shooter. She’s also a complete pro, inspiring and fun to be around.
Re: your movie, is god dead or what?
I believe that God is not dead. But I think it’s up to you to decide.
Photos by Sean Samuels

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