Your Track By Track Guide to Alt-Pop Duo TYSSON’s Self Titled EP

You’ve heard the saying “one of these things is not like the other” — but often mixing two things that are super dissimilar can lead to creative discovery.

Sometimes the juxtaposition of sweet and savory can create an epic umami tsunami that no one could have ever dreamt of. The perfect example is alt-pop duo TYSSON, made up of one half alternative rock with vocalist/guitarist John Michael Rouchell, and one half hip hop/jazz percussion with drummer Alvin Ford Jr.

Having met by chance at a jazz festival in New Orleans, the two discovered their shared love for modern hip hop/R&B, 1950’s Film Noir, and 80’s pop. Coming from two different genres, the two serendipitously collided to create the cool new sounds of TYSSON, a group whose name “aims to provoke evocation in reference to Cicely [Tyson],  the accomplished actress and Miles Davis muse, and the boxer Mike [Tyson], the tough exterior covering a fragile and broken core.”

The duo will release their debut self-titled EP on 9/30, including tracks like “Electric Moment,” and the previously released “Bigger,” which also has a pretty radical music video.

Check out the track listing below, take a peek at the music video for “Bigger,” then download, press play, etc. etc!

Bigger – This track is definitely the stand out from this EP, with its U2 vibes and epic choral chanting. This one combines layered percussion with sonic waves of 80’s synth, topped off with John Michael’s incredible vocals. Check this one out, and sing along, “it’s bigger than me.”

Electric Moment – Electric Moment opens with a funky bass line that just won’t stop. Its slap-style bass keeps us riding the border of disco and funk, but grounds us with its super pop synth – making for an incredible dance track.

Lost in the Light – Lost in the Light is one of my personal faves, since it gives me those slow-dancing 80’s prom vibes from a John Hughes film. It’s driving bass mixed with magically melodic synthesizer, makes way for a killer guitar solo. And once again, John Michael’s spot-on vocals make this a tune to sing a long to at very high volume.

Go Down – Let us not forget about “Go Down,” a simple dance track with a memorable synth chord melody, a smooth hip hop groove beat, topped with those sweet, sweet JM vocals, we love-oh-so-much.


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