Toni Romiti wrote a song about why competing for a dude’s attention is wack

Toni Romiti’s style is wild and confident, and her music is unapologetic af. And it’s getting attention from people like Kylie Jenner, who’s been known to blast Toni’s first hit single, “Imma Dog,” a cautionary tale about fuckboys, on Snapchat.

Toni’s new song, “Options,” is out now on Spotify and iTunes, and it’s all about saying deuces to the dudes in your life that don’t put you first!

Check out our Q&A with her below and listen to her new single here!

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What’s the concept behind your new track “Options”?

It’s basically saying that I will never be in competition for someone’s love or attention. If someone is having thoughts about someone else at the same time as me, I want them to just leave me be. I want people to know it’s OK to feel like you’re the best thing that could ever happen to someone. It’s okay to feel that you deserve love without competition.

That’s super important for girls to remember.

And when a man doesn’t treat you as a priority, you need to feel confident enough to know that there are others who would be lucky to have you. I don’t talk to multiple men while I am in a relationship. I am a very loyal person. When a man treats me as an option rather than a priority, I’m happy with knowing that I have the option to do better.

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So you have four shows lined up this month, are you excited?

I’m very excited! I’m looking forward to Boston in particular, because they’ve been requesting for me to come for the last 3 years.

How do you feel when you’re performing live on stage?

I feel so happy and appreciative. It’s so much fun, and it’s a really good high.

Tell us about your tats.

I got my first tattoo without my sister’s permission when I was 17. It says, “Life Goes On.” I got it because I realized at a young age that life doesn’t stop for anyone; I learned this right after my dad died. Even when messed-up things happen, life will go on with or without you. Another [tattoo I have] is the quote, “God’s plan, not yours.” It’s something I really believe in. Everyone has a plan, and if you just stay true to yourself and be a good person, things will be all right.

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What are your turn ons and turn offs?

I like a guy that is shy at first, but then opens up to be funny and interesting. I don’t like a guy that wants a girl to feel like she needs him. I prefer the type that will let me be my own woman and be independent.

Who’s your dream collab?


We noticed there are a lot of sexy guys in your videos. Did you cast them yourself? How was the chemistry on set?

We just look for them on Instagram. They’re always really nice, but I’m awkward, so I drink a little and then I’m good to go! [laughs]

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What’s your process for writing a song?

It depends. I mostly freestyle in the booth until I hear melodies that I like.

How would you describe your style?


What songs do you love to sing in the shower?

“Love,” by Keyshia Cole and “Unfaithful,” by Rihanna!

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