Tokyo’s Thelma Aoyama // 青山テルマ Reveals Her Inner Rapper

The round off our magazine feature on it-girls in Tokyo, singer Thelma Aoyama chatted about her new album and various other random & fun things, check it out!


Photography & Interview by Maya Kibbel

If you were a rapper instead of a singer, what would be your rapper name be?
Lil “T” THANG. Lol.

If you could shave one person’s head, who’s would it be?
Thelma: My best friend from college. Just because she acts like all girly and goody-goody but I know she’s evil inside.

Foreign boys or Japanese guys?
Argh, both. But I’ve only dated 1 foreign guy. Japanese guys are what I’m use to, but I’d love to live in the states one day so maybe then, I’ll meet my dream boy.


Your 4th album just came out. Did you do anything crazy to celebrate or reward yourself?
Yes yes yes! My 4th album “Lonely Angel” is out but I haven’t done anything cray cray. But If I had the chance, I would love to take shots of tequila and run around naked in the streets (that’s how much I’m excited about my album.)

What’s the #1 must-do thing in Tokyo?
Go to the Shibuya crossing. That’s a must-do. Just because there’s nothing like it anywhere else.

Can you teach us a funny phrase in Japanese that you use a lot?
UKERU! It means, holy shit that’s funny.

Do you have any weird habits?
I love elevators that close its door really, really fast. Lol. So I love to go on an elevator hunt and see which elevator door I love the most. The one I love right now is in Shibuya.

Can you give the reader’s a shout out?
AHHH! I love this magazine!


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