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Seandrea Sledge, otherwise known by her artist name Dreezy, is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and actress from Chicago. Dreezy’s evolution is amazing to follow, she signed with Interscope Records in 2014 where she released the studio albums No Hard Feelings (2016) and Big Dreez (2019). The 4x GRAMMY nominated, multi-platinum rap star went independent in 2020. Shortly after Dreezy released her highly anticipated album HITGIRL via EMPIRE. Executive produced by 3x GRAMMY Award-winning Hit-Boy, the 10-track album includes star-studded features from Future, Coi Leray, Jeremih and INK. 

Dreezy projects confidence loud and clear in her music. In fact, it’s impossible to miss. Without apology or regard, the multi-platinum Chicago-born rapper exudes charisma as she spits with razor sharp precision, tight tenacity, and poetic intimacy. She asserts herself as a formidable presence with an impeccable reputation earned through her tireless grind, a competitive level of commitment to her craft, and flows as cold as the Windy City in the dead of winter. 

Here at galore we have followed Dreezy growth from the release of her first solo mixtape Schizo, to her latest album HITGIRL We can see how the production, concepts and her stories are all brought to life by her and her team. We had the pleasure to interview Dreezy on her latest album HITGIRL, her creative process, her journey as an independent artist, Chicago’s cultural influences, and her feature in Jeremih’s new video “In Touch”. What’s more, we are totally obsessed with her HITGIRL merch collection available on EMPIRE.

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Interview by Yael Torres @torrescirca

  1. How would you describe your sound to someone who isn’t familiar with your sound yet?

It’s all the moods of my crazy mind. Confident but still vulnerable. It can get ratchet and then real right after. I’m just a whole vibe.

  1. Since the release of your first solo mixtape, “Schizo”, how would you describe your evolution throughout the years of your career?

It’s been an experiment but it’s definitely grown. The production, the concepts, my story it’s all on a bigger level now.

  1. What does your creative process look like?

Me in the studio with the producer just feeding off energy. A lil tequila and or live instruments gone bring the vibes out of me.

  1. Since going independent in 2020, what has changed? Does the journey give you a push to be on the trajectory you decide to create?

I’m definitely more hands on and careful with my vision. A lot of times I took other people’s direction because I wasn’t as confident with my own but now with everything I learned coming up and being at a major label for so long, I’m confident with what I need being an independent artist.

  1. Being a Chicago native, how do you feel like the city and culture has influenced your style and work as an artist?

Everything about me is so Chicago. My accent, my lingo, the way I dress, the way I rap. It’s effortless, it’s just my demeanor. And just comin’ up in Chicago, you grow up fast. Friends dying young, moms and pops not talking, in the hood bills barely paid, chasing up behind the wrong guys, all while still trying to be something bigger than what was around me. My whole Chicago life story is my music.

  1. You’ve established yourself in multiple fields, from being a Puma Ambassador to working with Netflix while making music. What advice would you give emerging creatives to create their success in the industry?

Stay creative. Stay true to yourself and your brand when you’re partnering up with other brands. Make sure your lawyer is on point with your paperwork. And don’t be afraid to start your own brands. We put so much energy into making other brands what they are, but could be building our own companies and wealth the same way. Start early.

  1. Having a collaborative album with Hit Boy called, “HITGIRL” is a testament to your ability to be able to create magic with other respected artists. What’s the most fulfilling part of collaborating on new work?

It’s like unleashing a new level of confidence. It feels good when you see your work getting bigger and better. It makes you want to keep going. It feels even better being able to hold your own weight next to the goats in the industry. That just means I got what it takes too.

  1. What can fans expect from you in 2022? Will there be any features, releases or live performance in the near future?

They can expect me and Jeremih’s new video “In Touch” coming out next. It’s my 1st video debuting me with choreo so I’m excited about that. I was tired, chile; but I learned the routine in 2 days and rocked out! Also my favorite music from me that I’ve been waiting to drop is all coming out. Features from my fav ppl/ artists who I personally love and respect. I’ve been taking my time with this next project making sure it’s all bangers on this next album. And of course imma be rocking out at Rolling Loud, and some more of my local shows but right now I’m in album mode.

  1. What is the greatest takeaway you’ve learned throughout the years that is just as relevant now?

Believe in yourself and don’t hold back! The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.

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Interview – Yael Torres @torrescirca

Cover Graphic Design – Perry Johnson @Editsbyperry 

Photo/Creative Direction: Darren Craig
Hair: Hachoo
Make-Up: Mila Thomas & Tyshala Wright
Stylist: Vincent Smith

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