There’s A New Luxury Condom Brand For Which Charlie Sheen Is The Spokesperson

“Our world is changed, but condoms haven’t. Until now.”

Such is the slogan for LELO Hex, a product that promises to reinvent the modern condom. Lelo, a company that makes other normal condoms and sex toys, has now presented the world with their new design, vouched for by none other than Charlie Sheen.

Filip Sevic, the company founder, and inventor of this new condom, spoke to Cool Hunting about his invention.

“We need a luxury element to sex. People need to feel good about what they’re doing,” he said. “It’s the best way to remove the stigma around this—and around the condom. We see our role as trying to bring a good solution to impact lives. Condoms are one big aspect of life that it seems like people do not care about enough, perhaps because there is fear. We feel we can contribute a lot to this—to the dialogue, the education and even the usage.”

What’s even the difference, you might ask, between Hex and a regular old plebe condom?

For those of you who are concerned with the sacrifice in pleasure that condoms are often denounced for, breaking, or slippage, rest assured. The LELO Hex was designed and built specifically with Graphene — “thinnest, strongest material we know of today” — known for its hexagonal composition. This also probably accounts for the price, which is a cool $3 a condom, and $110 for a pack of 36.

And here’s possibly the weirdest video I’ve ever watched, of Charlie Sheen relating his HIV condition to the ways these condoms can benefit the world.

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