The Hair Brand that Broke the Internet Just Released Their First Hot Tool

Waves, Volume, and Texture, oh my!

So by now you probably know about Insert Name Here Hair (INH Hair) and their Internet-breaking ponytail extensions. This popular hair brand has been featured in Allure’s “Top Summer Beauty Products” in July and August, and Elle’s “8 Best Hair Extensions Brands”, amongst other popular platforms. Additionally to being featured all over the web, Insert Name Here Hair has also been on the heads of some of your favorite influencers. 

Well, now the Insta-famous hair brand has released their very first hot tool, The Waver! With its custom 25 mm barrel size, The Waver gives you a look that you cannot achieve with other brands. Getting the perfect voluminous waves has never been easier, and now you can achieve the look in just minutes!

Whether you have long or short hair, The Waver was made for you! This hot tool is great for all hair lengths and types because INH Hair believes that amazing waves should be accessible to everyone. This easy-to-use tool will make hair styling quick and fun, which means you will have time to do your hair, your sister’s hair, and your mom’s hair and STILL have time left over to finish getting ready. 

The Waver is sure to be your new hair BFF because it is quick, easy, and its versatility means that it can complete your favorite summer, winter, fall, and spring looks. Just add your favorite seasonal outfits and top it off with luscious, full-bodied waves.

How Can You Get Volume Back Without Further Damaging Your Hair?

Hair protection has always been a value of Insert Name Here Hair. Just as their ponies, extensions, and wigs protect the integrity of your hair while offering a stylish look, their hot tool aims to do the same. It is coated with a tourmaline ceramic glaze that heats quickly while minimizing damage. This means you will be left with happy, healthy hair!

The Waver also offers incredible volume that keeps its shape and does not fall flat. Sure, there are plenty of products in the market that claim they boost your hair’s volume, but the volume never holds and usually is not very long lasting. With an adjustable heat setting of up to 450 degrees, The Waver will add to your hair styling experience by creating the perfect amount of volume without damaging your beautiful locks. (Pro tip: you can use The Waver to heat style your fave INH pony or any hair piece as long as it specifically states that it can withstand heat.)

How to Use The Waver

While some people are heat styling experts, there are so many people out there who still struggle with using heat tools. With this hot tool, amazing volume and style can be achieved by literally anyone of any experience! This is why The Waver is highly recommended for beginners and experts alike. It is extremely easy to use, and you can get the look you love in minutes. For extra added protection, Insert Name Here Hair has included a cute heat-resistant glove. No burnt fingers (or hair) here!


Step 1

First, you are going to separate your hair in about three to five evenly split sections. If you have really long or thick hair, it is recommended that you create more than three sections, but do whatever is easiest for you. Optionally, you may use your favorite heat protectant spray before heat styling. 

Step 2

Now just simply plug in The Waver, turn it on, and set it to your desired heat setting. You will then wait for it to warm up and within seconds, your hot tool is ready to use.

Step 3

For maximum volume, clamp The Waver as close to your roots as possible. If you prefer less volume in your roots, you may want to start styling an inch or so away from your roots. Hold it for a few seconds until your hair feels warm, then slowly move down each section by releasing the clamp and moving towards the ends that have not been waved yet. Repeat until you’ve finished styling your entire head and voila! A stylish wavy look with minimal effort!


More Reasons To Check Out The Waver


Insert Name Here Hair is so sure you will love their product that they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee so that you are able to return The Waver if it does not meet your expectations. 

Additionally, you will receive a one-year warranty to ensure that you are completely happy with your purchase.



INH Hair also offers QuadPay, which allows you to split up your payment into four smaller payments so you can get your product as soon as possible at an even more affordable price point.


The Waver features a 360 degree swivel cord and white grip handle makes it easy to hold and use while preventing you from getting into a tangled mess. It is also super lightweight and perfect for traveling!

Lastly, haven’t you seen how aesthetically pleasing it is? The INH peach and white color combination adds the perfect touch to an already amazing product! (Plus it will look great in photos too.)

If this isn’t enough to convince you, check out the dozens of positive reviews on the INH Hair website to see how The Waver has changed people’s lives. So what are you waiting for? Try it risk-free now!

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