The Coathangers: Punk Rockers Love Britney Spears Too

The female punk band, The Coathangers, are a force to be reckoned with in the music business. Not only does the combination of Crook Kid aka Julia Kugel, Rusty Coathanger’s aka Stephanie Luke and Minnie Coathanger aka Meredith Franco make for a pure rock sound not so often heard anymore, but throughout it all the band has maintained the chill, effortless pleasure of playing music that makes their sound so unique and addictive. We talked to Crook Kid herself about their new album Suck My Shirt and their ethereally beautiful video for their single “Drive”.


Why the Coathangers?
It was sort of a tongue in cheek reference to the pro-choice abortion debate. Basically the name just represents a woman’s right to choose what they want in life.

How did you all come up with your nicknames?
It was an inside joke. It was like oh we’re gonna start a band, let’s assign each other names. We didn’t start out being super serious, it was just a passion, we didn’t even think anyone would ever pay any attention.

What was the inspiration behind the new video?
The song is about having to leave somebody and then missing them when you are away. I was traveling with another band and we needed to make a video so we used the dolls, missing someone. The song is different than the rest of the album, a lot lighter.

How would you describe your latest album?
Concise, straightforward, still us, and how we have always sounded. But just a snapshot of where we were at that point. We are all super stoked. The album has a lot of energy and goodness to it.

How did you all meet?
Stephanie and I went to high school together and Meredith and I met in college. We were all friends and we just started chilling and making music. It was always kind of a natural progression and we were never too professional about it. Too many rules can make you feel bored .

Group vibe?
Whatever happens when we play our music, we are always just loosening up and just having a good time. We get our inspiration from all bands and all people who are challenging the rules and the status quo. We are all very into punk, hard core, and classical music growing up; we just listen to all sorts of music. What happens when we are on stage is our catharsis, us expressing our thoughts and feelings. We have all kinds of songs, and we love all kinds of music. Everything from The Doors and Gang of Four to Britney Spears. We consume it and we take it all in.

What’s next for you guys?
We are going to Europe on Friday, we’re doing a 6 week European tour and in January going to Australia, and then world domination.


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