Berets for badasses who dgaf about French girl style

The classic beret is a timeless accessory that has made its way back on our accessories radar and Glazed NYC is killing it with their beret line.

Shelby Macklin and Banna Gebremichael started Glazed in 2015 and have been slaying the beret game ever since. Theses two baddies have found a way to turn their love for 60s fashion and turn it into a stunning collection of berets made with updated fabrics.

With zebra print, red and pink vinyl, and their classic black genuine or faux leather, Glazed berets will turn heads and spice up any outfit with a vintage touch.

I had the pleasure of sitting down to talk with Banna and Shelby about their beret line and what inspired it.

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What was the inspiration behind creating your beret line?

Shelby:​ The 60’s era was our main source of inspiration for this collection, we wanted the berets to be simple yet fun statement pieces that are easy to wear and most importantly, functional. They also aren’t for everyone and that’s what we love the most about them.

How did you guys meet and come up with the idea for your line? How did you guys meet Emilina the model?

Banna:​ ​Shelby and I met in college about six years ago and have been best friends ever since! Glazed NYC came to fruition one night in our old apartment during the 2014 polar vortex. We just wanted to look cute and warm, not have to choose one or the other.

Our goal is to provide functional accessories that not only bridge the gap between function and glamour, but also pay homage to the heroines who came before us. Heroines who have pushed societal boundaries and continue to promote the idea of living your truest self.

In addition to accessories, Glazed NYC is a platform for women to connect and share their work via our interview series: GGOTW, Glazed Girl of the Week. Emilina is one of our GGOTW who we connected with on Instagram and it was just pure love off the bat. She’s a sweetie and hella glazed, we are always so pumped to work with her!

You guys’ aesthetic is very specific and well planned, how long did it take to perfect it?

Shelby: ​ ​We’ve always been glammy, but researching and focusing on specific eras and muses such as the 60-90s, Vintage Versace, Queen Naomi Campbell and Lil’ Kim allowed us to convey a clear and consistent aesthetic. We also banned the word “SHOP” from our IG, we treat it like a mood board and plan three posts at a time.

Can you give any advice to our readers on how to be their own boss? And what obstacles have you had to overcome to get to where you are now​?

Banna: ​I’m a Virgo so I get really critical of myself, which is honestly my biggest obstacle. I truly believe that we can be our own worst enemy. We tend to forget how in control of our lives we really are, you know?

My advice for how to be your own boss is to believe in yourself before you expect anyone else to believe in you. Lead by example and, even if you’re not 100% sure, just get out of your comfort zone and you may discover parts of yourself you never knew. Baby steps, babies. It’s all a work in progress.

Shelby:​ ​My advice for being your own boss is complete confidence in yourself and self discipline. I’ve definitely been my own worst enemy as well, in terms of self doubt and not believing in myself, but I realized I can’t expect anyone to believe in me or my vision if I don’t full heartedly believe it myself.

I also think it’s important to practice patience, stay positive, do your best and always focus on quality. Banna and I say all the time that there’s nothing better than getting positive customer reviews on our products. For people to actually reach out and tell us how much they love their accessories is major reassurance that all of our hard work is paying off, it’s the best feeling.

All photos by Esther Faciane

Polaroids by Banna Gebremichael

Model: Emilina Filippo

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