Taylor Swift Had a Super Emo Presence on MySpace in 2006

Remember earlier this year at Coachella when Taylor Swift chopped her hair off and dyed it platinum? We were all shocked when she debuted this new emo af look too, but it turns out that Taylor might have just been returning to her Hot Topic roots.

Taylor’s old MySpace blog page has resurfaced, and no matter how much she tries to hide it, Tay was not immune to the emo wave of the mid-2000s that wrecked us all.

In this photo, it’s very obvious that T-Swizzle hit up Hot Topic earlier i nthe day. She might have also used Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong as a muse for that eyeliner.

Even though she’s got the look, Taylor wasn’t the hardcore type of emo.

She was the sweet, sensitive and cuddly emo, as seen by this blog post from 2006 about the best Christmas ever despite having a broken oven.

“The food isn’t what makes it awesome for me. And this Christmas is so much more special to me than any other, because I ultimately have already gotten what I wanted.. This. You to be reading this. People to care about my music, care about my lyrics, care about what I do, who I am.. If you’re reading this right now, you CARE. And I guess I’ve realized recently that THAT is what I’ve always wanted. I’m sitting here signing pictures for people who’ve sent me things to sign and letters, and it hits me: This is THE BEST Christmas ever. And despite my mom’s rantings about the dinner that could have been, I think she knows it too.”

Aww. See, all she ever wanted was for people to care about her. Well, 2006 Taylor, now people care about you, a lot.

She was also into fire hazards, according to this post from 2007. Maybe she was the hardcore kind of emo? Do I smell a seance?

“I’m sitting here in my room with all the lights off and candles EVERYWHERE, and it’s the most beautiful thing ever. You say ‘fire hazard’, I say ‘poetic.’”

While we all know that 2016 Taylor is much different than 2006/2007 Taylor, these posts remind us of the sweet, innocent, non-snake person Taylor was, and it’s making me nostalgic for my own emo era.

RIP to my neon pink clip-ins and Nirvana t-shirts. It was real.

[H/T] Buzzfeed

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