Tati Gabrielle is The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s baddie witch of “The Night”

If you’re like any other person with a Netflix account, I’m assuming you’ve been binging the network’s newest series, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Netflix released all of Season 1 in one day (last Friday), and the show is now being quickly consumed by anyone with a desire to watch the witchy remake of the Sabrina comics. The show is also run by the same creators of Riverdale, meaning you can expect a similar style, and a similar hype (everyone’s already obsessed) around the series!

You may recognize Tati Gabrielle, who plays one of the young witches who threatens Sabrina in the first episode (no spoilers, here, I swear). Her character, Prudence Night, is a true bad b*tch. Even though Prudence is technically portrayed as pretty dark and evil, she may be one of my fave characters because she’s also pretty complex and a total badass.

Tati herself hates the horror genre, and thinks of herself as the opposite of Prudence – sweet and bubbly. We stan an actress playing her opposite!!!

We got to sit down with the actress to discuss the filming of the show, Vancouver, her tomboy nature, what she’s up to for 2019, and more. Check out the exclusive interview and photoshoot below to find out more about COAS’s baddie witch!

Choker: Stylist’s own, Pants: Laurence & Chico, Heels: Dolce Vita 

Where were you when you got the call that you got casted?

I was leaving the set of an Under Armour commercial that I don’t think has ever even aired. My manager was with me and she turns to me and she smiles really big. And I was like, “What?” She goes, “You got it!” A week later I was in Vancouver.

How does it feel to be apart of this cast?

It’s an amazing feeling. I always say that I feel so lucky that we are such a family. After our first table read, we began traveling together around the studio like this amoeba, and nobody really knew where we were going and nobody really knew who we were following.

I feel like that’s the best description of how we are. We communicate well, we love each other so much, and I have learned a lot from these people. A lot of love.

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How was it filming the first season of the series?

Filming has been a mind-blowing, incredible experience. It’s also been scary, to say the least. One, I’m not the biggest horror fan! I’m a baby when it comes to horror so in certain moments I was terrified. But, its been a blast because everyone keeps a light tone when we aren’t doing the dark, satanic thing that is our show. It’s a really good balance.

When did you start acting? Has this always been a career path you saw for yourself?

I did my first play when I was in the 3rd grade. I played Lemony Snicket in A Series of Unfortunate Events. It truly became a passion for me when I hit the 10th grade, though. I started going to a performing arts school. I tried out for visual arts, but forgot my sketch book during the audition, and was forced to try out for theatre.

I got in! I developed the passion eventually due to my love for people and my drive to be creative through storytelling. It was the path that I chose, but rather, it was the path that chose me.

Where do you gather your inspiration?

My dad is a very big inspiration for me. He worked in the entertainment industry before I was born and my birth is what stopped him form continuing that career. Everything I do is in ode to him.

What was your process of getting into this role?

It was a difficult step for me, but a fun challenge. I’m naturally a bubbly/happy person. I’m nothing like Prudence in real life. We share the fact that we are both devout in our beliefs, and I started there.

How did your character evolve over the process of filming?

When we first meet Prudence, she curses Sabrina and we naturally think she’s this mean girl. Over time, we see where her values lie and how when it comes to the solidarity for women or the empowerment of women, she will always throw everything else to the side and stand up for that. Her layers slowly begin to unravel throughout the season, and she shows her true womanhood.

Earrings: Alessandra Rich, Blouse: Alice & Olivia, Pants: The Blonds, Sneakers: Converse

You filmed the series in Canada, right?

Yes, I did!

How beautiful was it?


Do you think the tree-covered landscape helped create more of a mystery of the show?

Being in the midst of the forest definitely brought a mysticism to the show. Especially when we shoot our night scenes – it created a natural spook and made us feel like we were in a supernatural witch world.

Were you a fan of the first Sabrina TV show?

Yes! My brother and I grew up watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch. I was a really big fan.

Do you think the show holds similar attributes or is it a new take on the idea of magic and mystery?

Completely new take – obviously it’s a lot darker, as we have a cult. Other than the characters that we remember and love, it takes a completely new look.

Was it hard to step into a TV show that was such a household show for years?

Because it was taking on such a different look, it wasn’t as much of a terrifying as doing it as the same show. I would have definitely felt the pressure for sure. But, because it was so different and we had so much freedom, I felt less pressure in that way. I hope the OG cast will appreciate seeing their stories being reimagined. It was so cool getting an IG message from them wishing us luck.

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What’s the best part of playing this character?

Being a villain is kinda cool! Because I am so not that. I am definitely empowered as a woman to be like, “I can do that!” Her no BS attitude is my favorite part of her.

What was the wildest thing that happened on set?

I mean, everybody tries to scare people a lot, which is really funny!

Do you want to stay in the vain of horror or is there a genre that you’re dying to try?

I’d love to go into something more existential or surreal realism. I definitely don’t want to stay in horror because I’m a baby when it comes to it! Trying a comedy would be awesome, too!

The best piece of advice you ever received?

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Earrings: Alessandra Rich, Blouse: Alice & Olivia, Pants: The Blonds, Sneakers: Converse

Top 5 beauty tips for fall?

I’m such a tomboy in my nature, so I’m not good with beauty tips. But, I can tell you that certain colors should be worn for fall – burgundy and browns! It’s also cold, so keep your skin moisturized!

How would you describe your personal style?

Tomboy-chic! TLC and Aaliyah in the 90s!

What is a step of your skin care routine you never skip?

Peppermint Castile Soap.

Who is your favorite beauty influencer?

I really love Rihanna, in fashion and in beauty! I think she’s a rock star and I love how she always steps out of the box with everything that she does.

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What is next for you?

I’m working on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and also on season 6 of The Hundred. I also have a Disney animated series coming out in 2019! I hope to move into feature films very soon. I would also want to get into music. I just recently bought a software program. I want to also get into philanthropic work with youth, as they are the future!

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Hair: Gavin Watts / Junior Adusei

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