Tallulah Harlech’s 10 Fashion Commandments

Who better to hear top fashion tips from than Tallulah Harlech? She offers her top tips in our latest issue, along with her favorite brands and what it’s like to hang out with Karl Lagerfield.


Photography by Andrew Kuykendall

What is the most inspiring thing to you about fashion?
The fact that it is the most accessible art form that we all have to adopt every day, coupled with the ever changing technicalities and abilities that are produced.

Top 5 brands every girl should have on her radar at the moment:
-Louis Vuitton – for what Nicolas will come up with.
-J.W. Anderson – take note of his menswear and look at how he does unisex clothing.
-Thomas Tait – new LVMH prize winner.
-Celine – go in store and try something on!
-Prada – current longest reigning and still cool female designer at the helm of a grand scale house.

You and Uncle Karl are close, we all envy you on that. Tell us what a lunch date is like with Karl Largerfield?
Jokes. Lots of jokes. Now I’m vegan I don’t know how he’ll understand my not eating fish at every meal, starter and main (like he and everyone around him does)!

What have you been working on at the moment?
Styling for POP magazine. Modelling the odd shoot. Auditioning a lot. My last film is being sent to TriBeCa/Venice/Toronto film festivals.

What is the one thing you hate this season on the runway?
I can’t say as it’s so obvious!

What are your 10 fashion commandments?
First of all, fashion isn’t a religion, although it is undoubtedly spiritual in practise and can often be highly enlightening.

1. Decent fabric is paramount. I hate bad flimsy cheap-seeming fabric, it makes everything bad. I can tell by looking at it, but I know by touching it – so should you.

2. Wear what suits you, try something on in a dressing room to see – but don’t wear it just because of the trend (this goes for all trends from forever – not just current ones). I look stupid in 50s house wife get-up, so I don’t wear it (unless it’s a shoot, where it’s my job).

3. Mend and alter your clothes, don’t just throw them away.

4. Change your lifestyle (eat fruit and plants, sleep and workout) so you look and feel better and rock the hot outfit stronger than you ever would before.

5. If you don’t understand or particularly like Phoebe Philo – challenge your opinion and look into her and her work at Celine and why it’s so flattering, well made and important.

6. Read print magazines and look at the styling and the shoots. If you can’t afford them – ask your techy friend for the best current website that shows all the shoots from all the publications – or sneak into news-stands and read them, even if you just flick through the shoots. Know what images and clothing inspire you and know what is boring or generic, it’s important for you.

7. Know that fashion PR’s have a tough job but also a major agenda – don’t trust them on what clothes are good.

8. Watch fashion documentaries. And then watch the odd musician documentary.

9. Write to the people whom you admire and tell them.

10. Whatever that creative thing is that is currently pressing on your mind because you want to do it – go and ask some people (if needed) to help you do it. For me this is about shoots I want to do – so then I go and ask for it to happen and see what I can do about it. Don’t ask – don’t get, that’s my motto.

What is playing on your iPod at the moment?
Sia – Chandelier
Tove Lo – Stay High


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