T. Mills: On His New Vibe & Musical Direction

We got on the phone with the cutie T. Mills and talked about his new EP “All I wanna do”. This should definitely be your soundtrack this summer, whilst you wait for T.Mills’s first album for major label Columbia Records to drop of course. He talks on his inspirations, his love for Miley Cyrus and being Catfished.

Interview by @FrankieFatGold


How would your describe your new EP?
No song sounds the same. It’s a short compact body of work, every song has its own vibe and own direction. I wanted to give people a taste of everything, not 3 or 4 similar ideas.

What were the main inspirations?
It’s different for each song. For “All I Wanna Do”, it was visual inspiration, when i heard the beat I just pictured a music video

How does it differ from your other records?
My melodies in the song are better, my songwroighting is better. its always come easier to me. I’m working on your debut album.

What’s been one of your biggest highlights?
My manager and partnered with legendary producer Dr Luke and they started a management company. I’m the first artists signed, so that’s been incredible.

Who would you like to work with?
Miley Cyrus, I really f*** with her. I have a song that’s perfect for her an I.

Are you familiar with the show Catfish? Have you had any experiences of people pretending to be you?
There’s tones of fake pages of me. But it doesn’t affect me because I don’t buy into it. I’ve even had fans book me fake shows. I’ve never had a relationship through social media but I’ve made friends, that’s how artist communicate. Liking someones shit could open up doors.

How do you meet girls?
Well anytime I play a show, but I’m definitely on the being-friends-before-you date thing. You really get to know someone, it’s critical to maintaing a relationship.

Which 3 people dead/alive would you like to smoke weed with?
-Benjamin Franklin
-Bob Marley

Whats coming up next?
Working on my first album for Columbia Records! Tour, single “All I Wanna Do was just released, & about to drop videos!

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