There Are Super Specific Rules for Bags at the Women’s March

This weekend is going to be an exciting one in DC, as thousands of people are planning their treks down to the capital for one of the biggest protests in history.

If you are headed down to DC this weekend for the Women’s March on Washington, you might want to double check that everything you’re taking is regulation.

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But why? If it’s a protest, shouldn’t you be able to take anything you want?

Not really. Considering the fucking massive amount of people that will be in attendance, everyone’s first priority should be safety, and the organizers are taking that very seriously by imposing pretty strict regulations on what you can bring in.

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You wouldn’t want to have to leave something valuable behind because it wasn’t up to regulation.

The march’s website is pretty clear on what you can and cannot bring. All bags, meaning purses and personal bags, have to be small, no larger than 8″x 4″x 6″. That’s really small, so we’d definitely suggest thinking about carrying a small cross body bag just to put your essentials in.

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Or maybe it’s time to whip out a good ole’ fashioned fanny pack?

If you’re going to take a backpack, it has to be clear, and no larger than 17″x 12″x 6″, which a pretty normal size for a backpack.

You’re also allowed to bring one gallon sized plastic bag if you want to bring food and things in so you’re not hangry during the march.

Happy marching!

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