SUMMER ISSUE: Hannah Ferguson is a Babe to Watch

We’d like to introduce you to Hannah Ferguson who features in our Bombshells of Summer Issue as a model to watch. She feature in Sports Illustrated earlier this, so keep your eyes peeled for this beauty, there’s no doubt she’ll be blowing up soon.

Photography by Jacob Dekat
Creative direction Prince Chenoa

AGE: 22
FROM: San Angelo, TX

How were you discovered?
I was discovered by entering and winning the 2010 Kim Dawson model search in Dallas Texas ūüôā

Favorite places to hangout in NYC:
I would say are: at home with the two of my sister I love nature and being outside !
Or if I’m looking for a good time I’d have to say the club “Avenue” because i looovvve to dance, or “1oak”.

What do you miss most about home?
The things I miss most about Texas are my family, having a dog, I really miss having a car, I love to drive! I also miss the fresh air, wide open spaces, and sunsets. Last but simply not least: I miss being surrounded by people and strangers that are genuinely kind and thoughtful. We like to call it that Southern Hospitality ūüôā

How was shooting for Sports Illustrated?
Shooting for Sports Illustrated swimsuit was an absolute honor. As clich√© as this sounds, it literally was a dream come true ! ūüôā Sports Illustrated was what drove me to give modeling a shot‚Ķ I so badly wanted to be an SI girl! So needless to say I owe the SI family a lot, as they’ve changed my world in more ways than one!!! <3

Favorite supermodel:
Hmmm I’d have to give that one to stunning Ana Beatriz Barros.. she’s not a typical answer but I think she’s absolutely stunning and she was one of the SI girls who made me want to be in the magazine ūüôā

Favorite summer treat:
Ice cream. I love it in the winter too!

Favorite song:
This summer I’m loving the song Turn Down for What and All of Me by John Legend.

What’s the key to your heart?
The key to my heart is this indescribable feeling I get when he walks in the room… more specifically without me even knowing a single thing about him.

Summer plans?
My summer plans are to visit my family in Texas, and to continue to work and build my career ! Hopefully get some fun beach time in as well (who knows where) ūüėČ





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