Summer Hair Tips

You wouldn’t go to the beach without slathering on the sunscreen in order to protect your skin and make sure it looks fabulous even after the beating of those harsh rays. You don’t want to end the summer with fried, frayed and frizzy locks. But have no fear, there is much you can do to protect your mane from the sizzling summer sun. Here are a few of our tips!

It is always good to do this right before the summer so that you start your hair off completely undamaged. There is no point in doing this in the middle of the summer- all of that beach exposure is going to break it down anyway. So if you haven’t gotten a trim yet, wait until the end of August so you can fix up any summertime damage.large

Keep Hydrated
Drink lots of water, moisturizing your hair with coconut oil or conditioner or other products is important but what you put in your body is what your body will put out as well. So keep that H2O on hand.bambi_northwood_tumblr

Air Dry
Your hair is likely getting fried enough with out breaking out the blow dryer.tumblr_lx3bablSn31ql27bjo1_500

Seal The Cuticle
Put in some finishing cream after showering or before going in the pool to protect your hair as much as possible. Stay safe this summer babes, and keep looking beautiful.tumblr_lp38miVjl21qzymne

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