Sumi X and Her Powerful Plight “Stay With Me”

Sumi X is a burgeoning recording artist based in Los Angeles, known for her passion for dreaming and exploring the limitless possibilities of life. Her music is intended for all those who believe that anything is attainable and who seek to fully experience the enigma of existence – from love and heartbreak to achievement and awe.

Sumi’s path to becoming a musician was unconventional. After achieving success as the founder of a tech company that made it to the Inc. 500 list while still in college, she decided to pursue her childhood dream of being a singer-songwriter and performer. In late 2021, she relocated to LA and released her first single, “Electric Baby,” which was met with critical acclaim in the spring of 2023.


With an eclectic array of influences in tow, Sumi X is not one to disappoint when it comes to being a pop vanguardist, and her latest release is a summation of all of those marvelous qualities. “Stay With Me” is perhaps one of Sumi’s rawest tracks yet, and it’s certainly one that pushes her vocal prowess to a whole new level.

The song seems to revolve around themes of longing, heartbreak, and the struggle to let go. Sumi X  is pleading for validation and reassurance from someone she cares deeply about. She yearns for her love to acknowledge her dreams and desires but feels that her feelings are not fully reciprocated. She also expresses a paradoxical desire to know her love interest on a deeper level but acknowledges that’s also never fully opened up to them. The lyrics also convey a sense of resignation and acceptance that the object of her longing is moving on and finding freedom without her. 

The track boasts a huge sound with a moody ambiance that acknowledges the catastrophic power of emotions unleashed.

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