Stephanie Babirak Releases New Single, “Hey Cain”

Harpist Stephanie Babirak’s new single, “Hey Cain,” was released on Friday, May 24, and is now available to stream on all streaming platforms. A well-known classical harpist, Babirak’s recent offerings have blended her melodic, seraphic style with indie rock to create an entirely new sound. Her innovative use of the harp in her music is part of her mission to bring the instrument to new audiences. 

The Old Testament story of Cain and Abel inspires this latest release. Babirak uses the classic story as an allegory for feelings of betrayal and the grief that comes as a result. The vulnerable, heartfelt track plays on the famous bible verse, “Love is patient, love is kind,” from Corinthians in the New Testament. Babirak showcases her lyrical talent, singing, “So impatient, so unkind….your love don’t look like mine”. She meditates on the painful process of letting people go, even when they seem to be alright with losing you. The song is about acceptance and the uncomfortable journey of getting there. 

Stephanie Babirak’s music is a captivating fusion of indie rock, dreamy folk, and the enchanting sounds of her harp. This unique blend, likened to Phoebe Bridgers’ style, sets her apart. Collaborating with artists Peter Scoma and Cody Geil on “Hey Cain” has brought this distinctive soundscape to life, further showcasing her innovative approach to music.

Babirak’s experience as a classical harpist has always influenced her contemporary music, which is evident in its dreamy style. The Huffington Post commented that her playing is “seraphic,” calling her “a lovely harpist.” Known for her contemporary approach to the harp, Babirak has performed with numerous well-regarded pop acts like Adele, Phoebe Bridgers, and Sandra Day. Her performances have also been featured in mainstream content, including a 2018 Super Bowl commercial for Hyundai Genesis and in NBC’s critically acclaimed series Mr. Robot. 

Babirak’s harp music is so popular that she has been able to tour nationally and internationally at venues of different sizes and prestige. As part of her mission to create music that makes the harp relevant and accessible to all audiences, she has debuted works at famous venues like Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, newer locations like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and even unconventional spaces like a sound bath in a Brooklyn salt cave. 

“Hey Cain” is just the latest release from Babirak ahead of her upcoming album. The single marks the fifth track Babirak has released since her turn to contemporary music. Her other singles, “Berry Quartz,” “Waves and Whispers,” “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” and “Leaving on the Light,” have already been making waves and are available to stream on all major streaming platforms. 

Fans of Babirak will be pleased to know that this new track is far from the last they will hear from her. Babriak’s highly-anticipated album is set to be released soon, presenting the world with more of Babirak’s emotional, relatable music. New accolades and collaborations will undoubtedly mark this exciting new era in Babirak’s career. The music world will be delighted to welcome Babirak with open arms.

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