Stanford Rapist Brock Turner Is Getting Out of Jail Early

Remember the convicted sexual assaulter Brock Turner, who was accused of raping a girl behind a Dumpster? And he only got six months in jail because the judge thought “a prison sentence would have a severe impact” on him, as prison sentences are kind of designed to do?

Yeah, he’s getting out early.

Brock will likely get out in early September, which is three months early, according to KTLA.

This isn’t rare — criminals who behave well in jail often get out early for no other reason than the fact that keeping people in jail costs a ton of money. But it still sucks, because Brock’s sentence was pathetically short to begin with.

In case you don’t remember, the crime took place in January 2015, when Brock met the then-22-year-old victim, whose identity hasn’t been made public. The two were drunk at a frat party and reportedly did not know each other prior to that night. The victim said that Brock was hitting on her sister, but was pushing him away. The victim became so drunk that she blacked out, according to The Guardian. Turner was later found by two grad students while he was sexually assaulting the girl, who was lying on the ground unconscious behind a Dumpster on the Stanford campus.

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