You Guys: Spray-On Nail Polish Actually Works

When it comes to beauty treatments, nothing is quite asย time consuming and boring as doing your nails.

Sure, it can be slightly calming to sit and slowly paint your nails, then wait for them to dry, then paint them again, then wait for that to dry, then add a top coat and then wait for all ofย that to dry. Then there’s the option of getting a manicure, which is slightly easier but just as time-consuming.

You’ve probably wished you could just spray your nail polish on like spray paint and be done with it. Well, guess what? A new crop of products lets you do just that.

We got to test out SprayPerfect‘s Sexy Silver polish, and we were pleasantly surprised by how well it worked.

To use SprayPerfect, you first have to prep your nails with the company’s base coat. Next, lay down a paper towel and just spray the shit out of your finger tips. This step is oddly satisfying.

Next, you apply a top-coat to your nails. Afterย five minutes, you can rinse your hands, unless you want to maintain the tin-man effect for the entire evening.

After you’ve rinsed, your nails will look like this:

… Basically the same as a regular mani, but with way, way less of a time commitment.

Our tester reported that the spray polish stayed put for four or five days without chipping. So it’s not exactly as long-lasting as a gel manicure, but for the way-shorter prep time, you’re really getting your money’s worth.

One word of warning: as you can see above, the sparkles have a way of staying put for a day or two on your skin even after a thorough hand-washing. But if you’re a glitter queen like most Galore readers, that shouldn’t be an issue.

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