Sophia Amoruso and Cat Marnell Take On All The Hard Questions

Sophia Amoruso is the founder of Nasty Gal and the author of #GIRLBOSS. Cat Marnell is the writer responsible for making girl-gonzo journalism cool. Here, they talk cheating boyfriends, miniskirts after 30, and how to dress for a book tour. 

Would you ever consider doing a Nasty Girl line for hot transgender bitches? I mean, they can’t all afford Tom Ford like Caitlyn Jenner!

No, because our business is called Nasty Gal. And no, because hot transgender bitches already wear Nasty Gal. To make a line of clothing specifically for transgender women would be weird – like what’s different? They’re women. We’re good at women.  

When I was a young party girl, I used to ruin dresses trying to hem them short with shaky Adderall hands and kitchen scissors. I was always searching for the perfect mini skirts and minidresses — and years later, there was Nasty Gal! I’m 33 now and I have switched to floor-length gowns, but I still miss minis. Thoughts?

Bust out your gams. I know you have some decent legs under there. Minis aren’t just for women under 30. 33 is the new 13, didn’t you hear? Gowns are the new ugg boots. Just kidding. But really, you’re more wild at 33 than any girl in a short skirt I know. Own it, Cat.  

I think a #BOYBOSS would really stress me out! They tried to make me managing editor of VICE , but it was too manly in there. Like I said, I’m from women media. I have never worked for a man, have you?

Not really – I mean, I worked for dudes at photo labs, and at Subway, and in lobbies, and wherever – but it’s not like they were tasked with harnessing my creative talent. They just had to make me show up on time. Which I still can’t do. Anyway, I do well with dudes. I’m kind of a dude. We all have a little dude within us and it’s always a quality to let your inner dude shine, even if it’s just to get by once in a while.

Did writing a book give you an alcohol problem or cause you any problems in your personal life? I guess not, because you got married. 

[Laughing] I probably already had an alcohol problem, but not a serious one. I just know alcohol makes my face puffy. The stuff that comes out of my mouth after a couple drinks is so good – like pure gold. They say alcohol is social lubricant, but it’s also lubricant when it comes to socializing with yourself and your own ideas. In terms of the book causing problems in my personal life, no. For the record, marriage is the result of something, not the end goal. Just a symptom of happiness. Forget it and you might find it.  

Did you wear anything special to write?

Usually a bathrobe and a shitty bun on top of my head. Maybe zit cream.  

Are feathers the new fur?

Feathers are kind of gross. I don’t mind them in my pillow but I generally avoid wearing them. Feathers are the glitter of animal products. The shit gets everywhere. Let’s not and say we did?  

What do you smell like?

Pencil lead and sweet onion.  

What does Charlize Theron smell like?

Warm milk and blue eyes.

My boyfriend cheated on me when I was writing my book. I had been shutting him out, I was so stressed and busy. You just got married. How do you work so much and have a relationship and a book tour? Did he come with you? 

He came with me! And I chose to marry a guy who doesn’t cheat. I know a lot of women have histories of being treated like shit in relationships and I don’t know if we all just have a different compass or what, but that’s never been the case for me. Like that Tupac song All Eyez on Me – that’s how I roll in relationships and in this one big forever one I chose with this amazing guy I married. If someone cheated on me and I found out I’d exact the most violent revenge, seriously – there is nothing worse than fucking with someone’s trust in other humans on the most intimate level. So not okay. We accept the love we think we deserve.  

Can you make a special “Fuck You” one-click wardrobe-order of a month of outfits for coming back from being cheated on on I’m trying to sexually social climb in the art world. 

You should stop. Sex is not that exciting. Find someone to take care of you and hang on tight. But if you must ask, everything at Nasty Gal is a great revenge outfit. There’s a dose of Fuck You in everything we sell. My advice: Don’t date men under 35 and don’t date the life of the party.  

We both love dumpster diving and Salvation Army! Where are the best thrift stores in America — or the world? 

There is great vintage in LA, Austin. And New York. I love Estate Sales and Salvation Armies. Also little hospice thrift shops in weird towns. And the occasional Craigslist haul from someone who knows nothing and sells it for cheap. But that’s often a crazy waste of time. Found some amazing shit at a place in Capri once. My memory sucks so I can’t remember names. And vintage is like the drug trade – don’t ask, don’t tell.

As a creative, visual person who started a creative business, do you get bored having to talk business all of the time now that you are a #girlboss? I don’t even know what venture capital is!

Venture Capital deploys other people’s money (usually big institutions like endowment funds, blah blah blah) into high-risk/high-return businesses like mine. Except the jury’s still out on the high return for us. Time will tell. Anyway, business is fun when you’re talking big ideas and moving big things around. It’s less fun when you’re piddling around in details that don’t move the needle but need you day to day because you haven’t found a way to render yourself obsolete. I am still working on that. I missed being creative until I got to write a book, then launch a podcast, then write another book, then work on TV stuff (shhh!). Lots going on, lots in the pipeline, so I’m having fun again.  

Did you pay your taxes before you got rich, and if so, what did you wear when you paid them?

Yes and who knows. I got an accountant day one. He wore button-downs and glasses with dandruff lining them.  

What was your book tour like? Would you write another one? I’d love a Nasty Gal guide to style!

It’s coming! Ish! Style but lifestyle. And it’s called NASTY GALAXY. Hits at the end of 2016. Can’t wait! The book tour was amazing. Penguin has been an incredible partner, and my editor, Kerri Kolen, is a dream editor for real. For the paperback release about a month ago, they put me on this insane tour bus with my face painted on the side. Like a presidential candidate or an acid trip on wheels. We visited 11 cities and saw 4,000 or so girls. So many incredible stories. To tell a story about fumbling and figuring something out – and see that impact so many lives – makes me want to tell MORE stories about other girls and build a platform that can do that in all directions. That’s exciting.

I love that you say mistakes are part of your story—then and now, as your life and business evolves. It’s the most powerful message of all. I think you are so great—and your business is so special! Is it hard to read stuff online, though? And do you read the comments ?

I have made so many mistakes and continue to. And sometimes what you read is a “mistake” in a story is actually a very calculated move that I’m proud of. Things can be spun in 1,000 ways and it’s incredible how far from the truth the media can make things out to be. People will use the media to extort you – it happened to me this year! All I know is that at the end of the day I’ve done the best I can and been loyal to the business at large – and there are sacrifices that come along with running things that way. It’s not easy and fast friends it does not make. As far as comments go, no. I avoid those. I would rather be at Jumbo’s Clown Room making it rain or playing with our three poodles. Life’s too fucking short to pander to trolls.  

Can I wear a see-through dress to Barnes and Noble on my book tour? Actually, can Nasty Gal dress me for my book tour? 

Yes! Just wear opaque underwear and avoid belly button piercings. And we can! But you’d have to buy stuff. I’m cheap.

Nasty Gal Bodysuit, Boots, and Coat, Stylist’s Own Beret, CAM Jewelry Bracelets and Ring, Vanessa Mooney Tassle Bracelet

Nasty Gal Bodysuit, Boots, and Coat, Stylist’s Own Beret, CAM Jewelry Bracelets and Ring, Vanessa Mooney Tassle Bracelet

Nasty Gal Bodysuit, Boots, and Coat, Stylist’s Own Beret, CAM Jewelry Bracelets and Ring, Vanessa Mooney Tassle Bracelet

Nasty Gal Shirt, Bustier, and Skirt, Guiseppe Zanotti Shoes, CAM Jewelry Ring, 8 Other Reasons Earrings, and Stylist’s Own Beret  

 Nasty Gal Shirt, Bustier, and Skirt, Guiseppe Zanotti Shoes, CAM Jewelry Ring, 8 Other Reasons Earrings, and Stylist’s Own Beret

Photography and Creative Direction by Prince + Jacob

Styling by Alexandra Mandelkorn

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Makeup by Andre Sarmiento

Hair by Bobby Eliot

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