How Smoking Weed Can Help Your Sex Life

What do oysters, Channing Tatum’s performance in Magic Mike, and marijuana all have in common?

They are all very powerful aphrodisiacs.

A recent study by researchers at The University of California has revealed that the  euphoric hormone oxytocin has a direct connection to the THC in marijuana.

Basically, oxytocin is the “bliss” hormone. It causes the intense feelings many people have after sex, as well as a mother’s feelings towards her baby immediately after birth. THC, the main chemical in Marijuana, stops this hormone from deteriorating, thereby increasing its effects.

This could explain why smoking marijuana can effect sexual longevity, and combined with the stress relief that smoking brings, marijuana can surely boost libido.

Many weed smokers may enjoy the heightened sensation marijuana can add to eating food and listening to music, so it’s really no wonder that the high might also make your sex life better.

According to an article by Cannabis Culture, marijuana has been used in India for over 3000 years as a part of tantric sex practices as well as a medicinal herb prescribed to prolong orgasms and enhance sensation.

Those who practiced the buddhist tradition Tantra (the origin of tantric sex)  would combine use of marijuana with energy awakening practices like meditation, yoga and — you guessed it! Sex.


The best strains for getting busy are “Lavender Trainwreck,” “Cinderella,” and “Super Lemon Haze,” according to Fusion. For those of us who aren’t at Coachella and  don’t have access to the array of  choices West Coast dispensaries have to offer, Fusion recommends an Indica blend over Sativa, as it is better for those who might have tendencies towards ADHD.

 If you really want to hit the trifecta, I recommend a marijuana brownie combined with a yoga class before date night.

Chocolate, Yoga, Weed, Orgasm. Bon Appetit!

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