Slick Woods makes a shopping bag chic in Moschino’s newest campaign

Slick Woods just took a giant leap towards supermodel-dom by landing a starring role in the new Moschino campaign.

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Yesterday Jeremy Scott took to Twitter to share the first image of his new campaign for Moschino, and out of all the images he had to choose from, he started with Slick.

In case you’ve forgotten, Moschino’s current aesthetic is to literally wear a cardboard box, and boy does Slick wear that cardboard well.

Sitting on a trunk, wearing a hat with what appears to be a bicycle wheel on it, a pair of just under-the-knee boots with shopping bag handles and a matching off-the-shoulder shopping bag dress, Slick looks sharp as a mother fucker. And chicer than that French girl fashion magazines have been trying to tell you that you wanna be.

Way to slay, girl.

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